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Discover the natural stone leaf from StoneLeaf

The natural stone leaf from StoneLeaf is ideal for your walls and your floors. The StoneLeaf could cover your countertop and other furniture. Made from Slates or Mica, The StoneLeaf is not reconstitute but 100% natural stones. It is a real natural stone and its different finition enable many application to decorate your interior and exterior.

StoneLeaf classic

StoneLeaf translucide

StoneLeaf +

The natural Stone : The high-quality material

Made from natural stone, the Stoneleaf  is light. It’s this thickness stone (Slates or mica) extract from our quarries gives to our natural StoneLeaf all its lightness.

The StoneLeaf is not reconstitute, no chipboard, instead of other classical stones sheet. Each natural StoneLeaf is unique and make possible a lot of project.

The StoneLeaf can be adapted to interior and exterior, the natural StoneLeaf is a perfect decoration materials for your wall, floor, shower, countertop, kitchen splashback, staircase…Furthermore, the StoneLeaf is easy to set, resistant and stable.

StoneLeaf company designed, produced and developed the natural stone sheet.

Stone veneers : The StoneLeaf revolution

You can personalize your wall thanks to this original material. For a flat, a house or offices, the StoneLeaf makes your interior more elegant thanks to the natural stones.
Thanks to the natural stone, your wall and your floor will reveal all thier magnificence.

Discover all the characteristic of the natural StoneLeaf sheets and its different application :

  • Indoor and outdoor wall facing
  • Countertop, kitchen splashback, bar
  • Humid area coating (bathroom, shower)
  • Furniture covering (door, cupboard, replace, table)
  • Backlit reception on desk covering (StoneLeaf Translucent range)
  • Floor for low traffic area
  • Leatherwork, design textil (StoneLeaf +)

Why using StoneLeaf ?

The StoneLeaf sheet have several advantages :

    • A simple lay on all type of support : our product can be lay on tiles, wood, plasterboard, ceramic and concrete. Very flexible, our natural StoneLeaf sheet can follow a round surface.
    • Resistant and waterproof : our StoneLeaf sheet have a resin coat and fiberglass sheet which permit to resist to chocs and will be not sensitive to the water infiltration. The StoneLeaf can be used in all area.
    • A variety of stone and size : Stoneleaf propose 24 stones from slate and mica. We can deliver it in big size to save the connection on big surface. We can have special size to adapt StoneLeaf on your project.
    • Reduced cost : the thickness and the lightness of the SoneLeaf permit some reduced delivery cost. Moreover, the fact that the StoneLeaf can be pose on all type of support avoid to do additional work.
    • Three range of StoneLeaf products : Many possibilities are offer to you to cover your floor, your walls, your furniture and also your leatherwork. The StoneLeaf + can be used as leather thank to its lightness and its malleability.

How to use StoneLeaf ?

The StoneLeaf can be laid on all type of support, whether flat or shaped. Be sure that the support are relatively smooth and not humid during the application. It simply needs to prepare the surface which be destined to be covered. For that, it’s important to remove the grease and wash the support which be covered by the StoneLeaf. The cutting is easy to do with a circular saw equip with carbide blade or a diamond blade. To seal, we advise tu use the recommanded sealent for each range of StoneLeaf.

Concretely, the classical StoneLeaf setup or the StoneLeaf Translucent set up is simple as thin laminate. For the StoneLeaf + range, it can be worked with a cutter and wood sealent as the leather.

It is not necessary to remove the previous coat. Our StoneLeaf can be laid directly on tiles or mosaic. It permit to reduce the work time and permit to have no noise pollution, it could be appreciate for the hotels, they don’t have to be closed during the set up.

The cleaning is very simple. But the StoneLeaf have to be protect owing to its porous nature, with the adapted product to each range.

All the application area of StoneLeaf ?

There is many possibility with the natural StoneLeaf sheet. It’s the perfect material which is adapted at your needs and your wish. You can use it as :

  • Floor for low traffic area,
  • Wall coating (for interior / exterior),
  • Furniture covering (countertop, table, cupboard, door, reception desk, fireplace…),
  • Objects and leatherwork covering,
  • Create lighting backing and transparency to your reception desk with StoneLeaf Translucent range,
  • On a round surface thanks to the flexibility and the thickness of the Stonleaf sheets,
  • In humid areas : The natural StoneLeaf sheet is waterproof. It’s possible to use it on the walls of the shower or kitchen splashback.

Feel free to contact us, we can help you to choose the best range StoneLeaf range for your project. Let your creativity express themselves !