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Founded in 2013, StoneLeaf is specialized in the manufacture of natural stone veneer from blocks of slate, mica or marble. Designed to cover your floors and walls, but also your ceilings and furnitures, this material is resistant because it is made of stone. However, it is also flexible and light, making it easy and quick to install for both indoors and outdoors purposes.  


Discover all the decorative uses of this stone veneer. StoneLeaf’s easy installation is a real asset for all construction, renovation and building improvement projects.


The natural StoneLeaf, a desired natural coating


At home, as in the most beautiful hotels, the natural StoneLeaf and its sublime effects are appreciated by both private individuals and professionals, including interior architects and designers.

The reasons of this success, in France and abroad, are mainly due to our unique and innovative manufacturing process, and especially because of the choice of our materials and raw materials: the slate, mica and marble blocs used by our brand are neither treated or reconstituted. It allows to preserve the stone shades and natural colors of this exceptional product, which comes in three finishes: StoneLeaf Classic, StoneLeaf Translucent and StoneLeaf+.

The Classic StoneLeaf, the sublimated stone

Designed from natural stone blocs, the classic StoneLeaf transcends with elegance any spaces, indoors or outdoors. Its organic appearance, which reinforces its strong character, enhances spaces where the stone, in leaf version, can be laid flat as on a rounded surface. To reinforce its qualities of flexibility and robustness, the sheet is extracted from its bloc thanks to a fiberglass support.

Thanks to its very high quality resin, the stone under leaf finish can be used to cover walls, floors, ceilings, fireplaces and furnitures in dry or humid environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens and even swimming pools.

Don’t hesitate to discover our range of 31 slates, micas or marbles under the world’s cities names.

The StoneLeaf Translucent, ultra-contemporary claddings

The StoneLeaf Translucent is composed of a layer of mica or slate and own the same qualities as the StoneLeaf Classic. This combination allows the Translucent range to multiply the uses since it can be backlit.
Put on Plexiglas or glass, the light is diffused all over the stone and creates warm atmospheres.

The StoneLeaf +, an animated material for unsuspected uses

Like the StoneLeaf Translucent, the StoneLeaf+ is composed of a layer of mica or slate, set to a cotton fibre. This process allows it to be sewn, folded or thermoformed without breaking: an unbeatable flexibility !
The StoneLeaf+ range can be used to cover leather goods or any other substrate.
This unique feature is much appreciated by designers, who are attracted by the all possibilities offered by this flexible material. Discover the StoneLeaf+ range and add style to your interior with these new applications.

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In sum, the StoneLeaf veneer is :

– A 100% natural organic sheet.

– An indoor and outdoor sheet for dry, hot and humid areas – This is a material with multiple uses : floors (in low-traffic areas), walls, ceilings, furnitures, fireplaces, swimming pools, showers, worktops, bars and credenzas, stairs, backlit bollards, leather goods, textile design…

A decorative sheet in a contemporary or rustic style.

A sheet that is easy to cut and apply

Contact us to find out more about the StoneLeaf ranges that best suit the use you want to make of the natural StoneLeaf. Let your imagination runs free, we are at your disposal to advise you in your projects. And, regardless of the natural StoneLeaf you choose, each sheet comes with a range of water repellents, varnishes and adhesives for each of your application.


A composite support for a unique natural stone veneer

Giving a timeless cachet, the natural StoneLeaf gives a rustic and very modern look to your interiors or exteriors.
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StoneLeaf, the aesthetic power of natural material

The natural StoneLeaf is a strong and durable material. After treatment of its sheets extracted from blocs of slate, mica or marble, the stone become flexible thanks to the various processes used which do not alter its flexibility in any way. Thus, the sheet has an infinity of natural colors, textures and dimensions. Original and chic, the stone will seduce you by the beauty of the sheet as by its simplicity of installation and maintenance. Discover all our advice for the installation of your natural StoneLeaf as well as our services of layout and custom cutting.

Natural StoneLeaf, technical properties with many advantages

The natural StoneLeaf has the same appearance and resistance of a real stone bloc. It imposes itself as the spearhead of an unlimited creativity thanks to its asserted naturalness and its many advantages :

icone résistant stoneleaf

A resistant and waterproof material: our stone laminate contains a layer of resin and fiberglass that enable to withstand shocks and water infiltrations. They can be used in humid areas or outdoors, including swimming pools.

A variety of stones and sizes : we offer 31 stones in slate, mica and marble. Their thickness varies between 0.8 mm and 1.5 mm for slate; between 1 mm and 1.7 mm for mica. We can deliver them in three classic sizes: In large sizes to avoid joins on large surfaces: 1220 mm x 610 mm, 2100 mm x 1050 mm, 2400 mm x 1200 mm, for example. We also produce custom sizes to adapt our sheets to your needs.

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Simplified installation on any type of surface: our product can be installed on tile, wood, plasterboard, ceramic or cement using epoxy or polymer glue. Very flexible, our natural sheet is adapted to all surfaces for indoor and outdoor purposes.

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Reduced cost : the lightness and thinness of our stone reduce delivery costs.

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Simplified maintenance: our sheets require the application of a water repellent so that they can be cleaned with conventional household products (but not abrasives ones).





Stoneleaf, for an easy laying of your stone sheets

It is very easy to lay the stones in sheet form, whether the substrates are flat or rounded. It is not necessary to remove the previous coverings. Just make sure that the substrates are relatively smooth and not wet during installation. If this is not the case, it is essential to prepare the surface to be covered, especially by degreasing and cleaning it before laying the stone.

Cutting is easily done with a carbide equipped with a circular saw. For gluing the stone in sheet form, it is important to use the adhesives indicated for each range of StoneLeaf. In practical terms, laying a sheet of StoneLeaf or Translucent StoneLeaf is as easy as laying a conventional laminate.As for the StoneLeaf + range, it can be worked with a cutter and wood glue like leather. Our natural StoneLeaf can be laid directly on tiles or mosaics. It reduces the time of the installation and limits noise pollution, which is appreciablefor hotels that are not obliged to close during the laying of the StoneLeaf.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the finishes of our natural StoneLeaf. All our team is ready to listen you to carry out your decorative projects in the best possible way.

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