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Feuille de pierre 100% naturelle StoneLeaf modèle Oslo sur les murs meubles et crédence de cuisine
Founded in 2013, StoneLeaf specializes in natural stone leaf manufacturing, derived from blocks of slate, mica or unpolish marble. Well suited to overlay your floors, walls, ceilings, or even your furniture, StoneLeaf inherits the natural durability of the stone. As it is malleable and light, it is quick and easy to place it anywhere, whether inside or outside.
Easy to cut, it is the dream asset for all types of construction, renovation, or property improvements.
Discover our range of products that are perfectly suited to your next project :StoneLeaf Classic, StoneLeaf Translucent or Stick&Stone.
5 principles that drive our commitments :

  • Produce more with less
  • Select the best materials
  • Build for durability
  • Eco-responsible
  • Minimize the impact of transport
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Our products

The StoneLeaf Classic, Stone, Improved.
Conçue à partir de blocs d’ardoise, de mica ou de marbre, StoneLeaf elegantly enhances all of your indoor or outdoor areas. Its natural qualities pair exquisitely with the stone’s unexpected character.
Fiberglass and resin provide unmatched flexibility and sturdiness. Dry or humid environments, flat or curved surfaces, StoneLeaf Classic is the ideal material for any projects. Discover our 19 design options, bearing the names of our favorite international destinations !
StoneLeaf Translucent : Let there be light
StoneLeaf Translucent is specifically designed for any creative, backlight projects. Made from layers of natural stone set on a transparent fiberglass backing, it will elegantly diffuse the light for a unique effect. With all the same characteristics as the StoneLeaf Classic, it is the ideal material for all light-focused projects. Kitchensplashbacks, closets, shower walls or light fixtures, with StoneLeaf Translucent, let your imagination run wild !
Discover Stick&Stone : the first adhesive stone leaf
With Stick&Stone, add our stone leaf anywhere without the use of tools or maintenance. Like the rest of our products, Stick&Stone is made from natural stones. To ease the installation process, however, we’ve replaced the fiberglass backing with a double-sided adhesive, allowing a more accessible installation. Simply cut the adhesive with a sharp blade or pair of scissors ! Discover our four design options and a unique 30x60cm format. Ideal for lining walls in a dry climate, Stick&Stone makes for easy & unparalleled interior decoration !
NEW ! Discover our 100% natural stone sheet covers for MacBook
Enhance your Macbook with our ultra light (50 to 70 gr) and ultra thin (1 mm) stone cover. Handcrafted, each product is unique and protects against scratches and small daily shocks.
The StoneLeaf team offers you everything you need for the installation of your projects.
Here you will find the types of glue we offer according to our product lines. We respond to your maintenance issues through our water repellents and cleaners. Finally, we ensure durability and waterproofing on your projects with our range of seals.

If you’re looking for business solutions,

StoneLeaf accompanies you passionately on a daily basis in all your development projects.
All projects are unique, so is our support. Get access to :

A dedicated team
o Preferential rates
o Larger range of products
o Stock and express delivery
o Installation service
o Staff dedicated to Installation
o Personalized logistics and delivery support.



100% natural stone sheet StoneLeaf Translucent Moscow pattern on the walls of a hotel room
StoneLeaf stone sheet, the aesthetic power of a natural material
StoneLeaf is a thin, sustainable material. After undergoing various treatments and processes, the layers slate,mica or marble, become flexible without diminishing their durability. StoneLeaf is available in plenty of natural colors or textures and its two dimensions provide a multitude of possibilities. Original and chic, you will be charmed by the beauty of the stone and convinced by the ease of installation and maintenance. Discover our advice for a successful, easy installation.

At home or in the most beautiful hotels, StoneLeaf panels and their wonderful effects will please everyone from private individuals to famous architects or interior designers.

The reason for this success, in France and internationally, is mainly due to our unique and innovative manufacturing process, but above all to our choice of materials and raw materials. The slate, mica and marble blocks that we use are neither treated nor reconstituted : we break down the block layer by layer by manual tearing. This technique preserves the hues of the stone and the natural colors of this exceptional product, which comes in three finishes : StoneLeaf Classic, StoneLeaf Translucent and Stick&Stone.

StoneLeaf panel installation videos
Installation and maintenance easy to all !

The installation process is simple and does not require any complex preparation.
Your backing (walls, floors, counters, etc.) must be relatively smooth and dry for a successful application.
In some cases, you may need to remove excess grease from the surface before the installation.
StoneLeaf Classic can be installed directly on tiling without removing the original backing.
We recommend placing StoneLeaf Translucent on a layer of light-diffusing plexiglass and using LED lights in order to create a powerful lighting effect on your new StoneLeaf surface.
Both StoneLeaf Classic and StoneLeaf Translucent can be used indoors or outdoors, in humid or dry climates. To shape the panels, you’ll need to use a circular saw. To install the panels, use a polymer or neoprene adhesive. We recommend following the step-by-step tutorial offered in our videos.
The Stick&Stone line can also be used in both humid or dry climates, although direct contact with water is not recommended. The high-performance adhesive we use allows for many different applications on a wide variety of surfaces. To cut the panel, a simple precision knife and a pair of scissors will do the trick !
Take the time to review each step in our videos for a simple and reliable installation.

StoneLeaf stone sheet, technical properties with multiple advantages

StoneLeaf, with the appearance and durability typical of a massive stone, is challenging traditional surface coverings to establish a flagship solution. Endless creative options thanks to StoneLeaf’s natural dimensions and unique qualities :
Durable and impermeable material : all of StoneLeafs products are made from natural stone, resin, and fiberglass, allowing for effortless use in humid climates. Resistant to water and corrosive elements, StoneLeaf can be installed in shower, swimming poolandoutside.

Its natural hardiness makes it impact-resistant and durable enough to sustain daily use.

A large array of product and dimension options: StoneLeaf is the perfect solution for all of your projects with its three product lines : Classic, Translucent, and Stick&Stone. Within each product line, you will find 19 design styles, available in various dimensions. Our styles vary between 1.5 to 2 mm in thickness. Distinct dimensions are available for professionals, depending on project specificities. Choose the best product line for your project !
A simple and quick installation process : StoneLeaf offers all the benefits of including natural stone in your project, without its inconveniences. Benefit from a simple installation on any surface : tiling, ceramic tiling, wood, plaster, or cement. Due to its flexible nature, StoneLeaf is perfectly suited for rounded areas. Watch our installation videos for more details.
Optimized transportation : light, flexible, and thin, our StoneLeaf panels offer optimized shipping and transportation costs. We can roll our larger dimensioned products into boxes to ensure quick and convenient delivery, as well as an easy storage solution. For natural stone, this is pretty revolutionary !
Simplified maintenance : for StoneLeaf maintenance, we recommend two distinct products. Simply protect the material with a water-repellent product, such as the one sold here.. And for a daily cleaning spray, we offer this product here.Nothing more is required for a well-maintained StoneLeaf panel !

To sum up, StoneLeaf is :

  • A 100% natural stone panel
  • A material that can be used indoors or outdoors, in both dry and humid climates (except Stick&Stone)
  • A natural stone panel with multiple applications : walls, ceilings, furniture, , swimming pools (except Stick&Stone), fireplaces,, showers (except Stick&Stone), stairs, back-lit areas (StoneLeaf Translucent)
  • A contemporary and stylish stone panel
  • A mineral-based material that is easy to cut and simple to install

Discover ourShop to better understand which StoneLeaf product is best for your projects’ needs. Let your creativity flow, we’re here to help you meet your project’s goals. Regardless of which 100% natural stone you choose, it will come with a line of waterproofing and adhesive products, adapted to the proper application. Your design project has never been so easy. Discover our installation & maintenance products here.

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