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feuille de pierre stoneleaf translucide prague crédence de cuisine

A kitchen credenza made with our StoneLeaf TransLucide Prague model

On… Off… On… Off…

Lit or unlit, the Translucent range will create a warm atmosphere in your spaces. The stone is identical to our Classic line, the only difference being the transparency of the resin on the back of the leaves.

feuille de pierre naturelle et véritable stoneleaf translucide prague

Discover the project of the architectural firm “Paris autrement”


Our StoneLeaf Translucent Prague stone is the perfect addition to the kitchen of this classically chic apartment. Admire the beige, red, yellow or blue tones of our Prague slate !

Our products are natural so the rendering of our stones will vary depending on the color and intensity of the lighting placed behind them. The 100% natural StoneLeaf Translucent panels are composed of layers ofmica or slate, placed on a fiberglass and resin backing. Our sheets are very thin (1.5 and 1.8 mm) and extremely light (between 1.5 and 2 kg/m²). It is the essential accessory to embellish your backlit surfaces and your lights.

To backlight your TransLucent sheets several options are available to you:

– A glass or PVC structure with a backlighting process

– Bay windows with natural lighting

Shower or dressing room walls with a backlighting process

– Light fixtures

feuille de pierre naturelle et véritable stoneleaf translucide prague
feuille de pierre stoneleaf translucide éteint prague

Regarding the installation of our StoneLeaf TransLucent range


It is easy to work with this product and it is suitable for all types of projects: interior application (mainly wall, kitchen back-splashes and furniture) and outdoors uses.

Our sheets are easily cut with a circular saw or jigsaw, our Néoprène glue allows for quick adhesion to the surface area and our Nano Water-Repellent solution makes the stone waterproof and prevents grease stains (fingers, oil, etc.).

Our Spray cleaner is useful for daily maintenance as well as our wipes boxes that quickly erase the traces of fresh glue made during the installation !


Our StoneLeaf TransLucent range

The stone sheets of this range have the singularity of letting the light pass They can be placed on a rigid and transparent support such as Plexiglass or glass. Thanks to our StoneLeaf TransLucent range, give life to your projects.

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