A stone kitchen backsplash : to modernize your kitchen
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The kitchen as a more and more important room. It opens up and becomes a place where you entertain your guests and friends. Its decoration is therefore essential in order to bring an atmosphere to this central room. Each house wants a modern and trendy kitchen. There are many ways to achieve this goal. A stone kitchen backsplash is one of them. It is a vertical element installed behind the hotplates, the worktop and the sink. The aim is to dress the wall and protect it from all projections that can occur in a kitchen. The kitchen backsplash can be made of different materials such as tiles, stainless steel or stone. If you opt for the stone, StoneLeaf offers a whole range of natural stone veneers that will fit perfectly in your kitchen.

Advantages of this material for the wall behind a worktop

Why choose a stone kitchen backsplash instead of another material? 
There are many reasons for this. The most obvious is the modern look that this wall cladding will give to your kitchen. It changes the old-fashioned earthenware and tiles. Thanks to the natural stone, you give a warm and trendy atmosphere to this room. Stainless steel is also a modern material but with it, you lose that friendly atmosphere with the cold on this industrial side. Stone is also the ideal material for this application thanks to its resistance to moisture. Unlike wood, natural StoneLeaf can be laid in wet areas without the risk of damage.

Some decorating ideas with a stone kitchen backsplash

Combining a stone kitchen backsplash with wooden furniture gives a resolutely modern and trendy look. You will take pleasure to spend time in it and entertain your guests. 

Bring more depth to your kitchen by contrast. Don’t play with tone on tone. If your furniture is light, opt for a dark stone for your kitchen backsplash and vice versa.
But above all, treat yourself and listen to your desires to dress up your kitchen and make it a resolutely modern and trendy design.