Who are we ?

The natural stone veneer : A StoneLeaf creation

Image block de pierre feuille de pierre stoneleaf

StoneLeaf company was born and was created by Dahdi’s brothers Alexandre and Emmanuel. The company is now strong of a 4 years experience on construction and decoration markets.
The StoneLeaf innovative process is the consequence of a real work around the world of stone, many trips in Asia ans South America in the way to develop an unique product : The StoneLeaf.

The StoneLeaf is strong of unique properties : light, thin and flexible, the StoneLeaf really improve the way we are used to stone.

The StoneLeaf has been develop as a prescription product : dedicated to architect, decorator, designer for various markets as hotel market, luxury market or retail for example.

The company is part of the bigger trade show every year as Maison&Objet and Equip’Hotel to develop the customer network and makes the turnover growth in various countries.

Now about 30% of the global turnover is made in Asia and North America.

StoneLeaf company is consequently open to new opportunities and new distribution partnership in France and Abroad to develop it’s business around the world and give the opportunity to new companies to enjoy StoneLeaf products.

StoneLeaf constantly support and advise you on different projects to obtain the most valuable result. From a design phase to an execution phase you will never be alone.

We can deliver all around the world with special delivery services.

The StoneLeaf : an innovative process

StoneLeaf company works directly on real stone blocs : Slate and Mica. These two stone families have a layers composition which allows us to develop our process.

We would work step by step on the bloc : First, we apply a liquid adhesive directly on the bloc, we put it equal on the whole bloc. On the adhesive we put some fiberglass sheets. We let the fiberglass sheets dry with the adhesive.

When it’s dry we remove the fiberglass sheets by hand and the different layers of the bloc come with the sheets : It’s a pluck system. We split the different layer of the bloc. That’s why we need Mica and Slate structures.

The last step is to put a black resin behind the sheet to offer flexibility and strength to the StoneLeaf.
Each color is totally natural, we put nothing on the bloc, The StoneLeaf has a totally natural and mineral finish on it’s surface.

We are already looking for new innovative process and for new stones to make our range bigger and to surprise our client.