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What is the natural StoneLeaf ?

The natural StoneLeaf is a natural stone veneer made from slate, mica or marble directly extracted from the stone blocs. Our manufacturing process consists of extracting a thin layer of stone from a bloc. To do this, we apply an adhesive and fiberglass on the stone’s bloc. After drying, we pull on the fiberglass to remove a thin layer of stone. The stone, once glued to the fiberglass will then be flexible and resistant. The resin gives waterproofness and flexibility to the finish product.


Can the natural StoneLeaf be installed near a heat source?

The natural StoneLeaf is perfectly resistant to heat. We recommend special adhesives to install our products which tolerate a maximum temperature of 90 degrees. It is necessary to be sure that the support on which you install the StoneLeaf doesn’t reach a higher temperature. Once glued, the resin doesn’t move, it doesn’t retract and dilate. The surface is composed of natural stone, there isn’t heat transfer.

It is wear-resistant ?

The StoneLeaf is very durable because it is made of natural stone and fiberglass. The superficial scratches are erased by simple friction. The deeper scratches will mark the stone. We advise you not to initiate a cut directly on the stone. The StoneLeaf can be installed on the ground in low-traffic areas.

Reactions of the stone to different liquids ?

In order to prevent appearance of different tasks (oil, grease, calcareous), we advise you to apply a water-repellent on the StoneLeaf. This product will make the stone’s pores deeply sealed as no liquids can get in. We also offer a cleaning product to remove superficial scratches.

Is it a waterproof material ?

The StoneLeaf offers optimum water resistance.
Due to its composition, no infiltration is possible between the front and the back of the product. Indeed the fiberglass as well as the high quality resin allow a perfect sealing.
Its application in bathroom is made possible thanks to the glue we use (Ms polymer) to fix the StoneLeaf. The glue reacts as a mastic and ensures a complete seal between two sheets glued edge to edge.
Silicone joins will be required in shower for the internal corners and the shower basin. We supply silicone joins in the same shades as the selected stone to provide a harmonious finish.

Do you supply complementary products ?

We offer all the products needed to install the StoneLeaf. Thus, during your orders, you can ask us for the complementary products such as glue, water-repellent, silicone seal and cleaner.

Where can you find our products ?

You can see our products in our stone gallery. If you want to place an order or have more information, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We can send you samples for free within 4-5 days in order to allow you to choose the suitable stone for your project. We can also send you places of our achievements to enable you to get there.

How to place an order ?

To place an order, you just have to contact us by email at the following address : contact@stoneleaf.fr or by phone at + 33 We are committed to answer all your requests within 24 hours. For your information, orders are paid by bank check or secure bank transfer.

Is it possible to obtain custom-made sheets ?

We can offer you customized sizes for your projects. Our sheets reach up to 3000mm in height (on some models). The maximum width is 1200 mm. The delivery time is about 4 weeks for any custom size.

What are the prices ?

For any price request, you can contact us directly by email at the following address : contact@stoneleaf.fr or by phone at + 33
We are committed to answer all your requests within 24 hours.

What are the delivery times ?

If we have your order in stock, the delivery time is about 4-5 working days.
If your order is out of stock, the delivery time is about 4 weeks.
Don’t hesitate to contact us directly to obtain the delivery times: by email at the following address : contact@stoneleaf.fr or by phone at + 33
We are committed to answer all your requests within 24 hours.

Do you deliver abroad ?

We deliver in France and all around the world with the help of our various logistics platforms and our transport networks.

What should I do if my order does not suit me or is damaged ?

If your order is damaged or it wasn’t what you expected, thank you to contact us by email at contact@stoneleaf.fr or by phone at + 33 as soon as possible.We will then proceed with the exchange of the merchandise. All partially used or installed products cannot be exchanged.

How my order is packed ?

We can offer you fat or rolled sheets according to your order: Depending of panels sizes and number of panels.
NB : When the stone sheets arrive rolled up, it is not necessary to put any weight on them. You will just have to place them near a heat source so they can get back to their flatness.

Our factory is certified ISO 9001. We comply with all current health standards and certifications.

  • Fire certification: The StoneLeaf products are certified. Thank you to contact us by mail at contact@stoneleaf.fr or by phone at + 33 to get our fire ratings.
  • Water-repellent: Our protection and cleaning products comply with food standards.
  • Glues: Our glues are labelled A+.

Due to the lightness and thickness of our products, we optimize transport by sending large numbers of square meters in very small spaces, this contributes to the reduction of our carbon footprint compared to conventional mineral materials. We use cardboard packaging rather than plastic packaging.