Travaillez vos angles et vos chants !
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The work of the edge and the angles on the stone sheet

When laying StoneLeaf 100% Natural Stone Leaf in your interiors, moist environment or veneer, you are able to be looking for angles and work bands of Vocals to perfect your room.
Find below all the tips for the work of cutting, very simple and fast. The stone sheet works in the same way as a laminate.

Which tools to use?

In order to work your songs and your edge, you will need some indispensable tools:
– For cuts: circular saw of diamond disk or carbide blade,
– For sanding: an eccentric or vibrating sander, grain 150,
– For entering corners: silicone seal.

The cutting

For external angles, let a few millimeter protrude and remove the excess of glue. After drying, use a trimmer with a core cutter.

The trimming

It is also possible to sand with a grinding machine using an eccentric or vibrating grinder equipped with grain 150 (attention, because of the thinness of the sheet, the sanding is very fast)

Interiors angles

For the Interiors angles, as the strate of stone are not necessarily long, it’s recommended to lay a first sheet then to adjust the second, to draw the offsets then Adjust with a mechanical sander (eccentric or vibrating, grain 150). Make a connection using a colored silicone seal adapted to the type of stone. Many colored silicones are available