Natural StoneLeaf in bathroom and shower: the perfect materials for humid areas.

Bathroom is the most important area for relaxation after the living room and the bedroom, in the bathroom need being-well like we feel at home. To have a pleasant and spacious area, many decorative idea are born, but StoneLeaf is very trendy for the bathroom. StoneLeaf comes from schist stone which are lightless and flexible. StoneLeaf can be a wall covering for the bathroom and could be laid on the floor, uses as furniture covering, doors and for countertop. StoneLeaf is perfect to create a shower in stone with lowest cost.

Natural StoneLeaf for bathroom and shower: a waterproof composition.

StoneLeaf is composed by strat from slates or Mica. This flaky stone are perfect to be used as wall covering because they have an authentic aspect. StoneLeaf is very easy to set. The leaf are extract with a particular technique that’s why we have a very thin product. After we extract the leaf, we put a resin behind.

This resin penetrate the slate or mica strat and the materials become very strong. To extract the leaf we reinforce the materials with a fiberglass. As well we can put a translucent resin behind to create some lighting panels. StoneLeaf car be laid on curve surfaces for unique and natural stone. Thanks to its treatment StoneLeaf will fits perfectly in your shower.

Natural StoneLeaf for shower and bathroom: an application adapted for humid areas

In the bathroom, StoneLeaf is very easy to set as for a living room or a dry area. On every connexion between the leaf, the polymer glue will make the sealant. A water and oil repellent will be perfect to ensure the protection for your floor and your StoneLeaf. The cutting if the StoneLeaf is very easy, with a circular saw. After the set up, you will have a wonderful shower in stone waterproof and durable.

Natural StoneLeaf : a high quality material for your bathroom and your shower

To benefit of beautiful stones in your bathroom, StoneLeaf offers you natural high quality materials made with Slates or Mica, our product are not reconstitute. With all our finitions, the decoration of your bathroom will be wonderful. StoneLeaf offers different finition like:

• StoneLeaf Classic
• StoneLeaf Translucent

This high quality materials will be a guarantee for a great decoration for your bathroom. They are easy to set, easy to cut, offers you the better wet strength, hot and flawless quality. Thanks to our range of colors and texture you will have a unique shower.