Fireplace is an element of warm and pleasant environment in a house. Have a design and beautiful fireplace will highlight your home. Natural StoneLeaf is the perfect coating for a fireplace because this material is fire resistant. StoneLeaf exists in several texture and will upgrade your fireplace. Nothing better to have natural stone to beautify your fireplace. If you have a fireplace in your house and you don’t know which material use to decorate it, opt for natural StoneLeaf, you won’t be disappointed.

Natural StoneLeaf: a fire resistant material for your fireplace

Natural StoneLeaf is a unique material with great properties. This coating is fire resistant. According to International standards (european classification) its reaction to fire is A2-s1, d0 classification. It means that in terms of security, natural StoneLeaf for fireplace have the highest european level and produce a small quantity of smoke. So this material don’t produce any ignited debris.
Wonderful, isn’t it ? this exceptional and fire resistant characteristic made the natural StoneLeaf the best material fo your fireplace. Thanks to its qualities and its colors, your fireplace will have be design and elegant.
To be clear, natural StoneLeaf is a very resistant and contemporary material. With a coated fireplace with StoneLeaf, you will love the perfect warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Natural StoneLeaf for fireplace : which style choose?

As explained above, natural StoneLeaf for fireplace exists in several colors and texture. Natural StoneLeaf for fireplace is used to cover the outside and the edges of the fireplace. But you can use it to decorate inside the fireplace.
To decorate your fireplace with natural StoneLeaf, it will depends of your taste, your preferences, the design and the place of the fireplace. A modern fireplace will be not decorates like a rustic one.
To proceed to it, you can make some contrast with complementary colors. If you wants, you can make your own color graduation or opt for only one color if you like a stone.
The choice and the theme are very large. Give free reign to your imagination. You can inspire you with the several model you can find, What’s your choice?
You will be proud of the final result. But if you don’t want to do it, ask to a professional. Explain him your needs and he will select the perfect natural StoneLeaf
At the end of your construction, opt for the natural StoneLeaf for fireplace. If you already have a house, you can easily refurbish your old fireplace to give it a new life in natural StoneLeaf. If we have only one thing to keep in mind about natural StoneLeaf for Fireplace it’s try it and you will love it !
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