Floor in natural StoneLeaf: the perfect solution by StoneLeaf

The natural stone leaf have been created 20 years ago but it’s only today that’s this materials is trendy for our interior design particularly for the floor. Let’s discover the product and its application.

Natural StoneLeaf for your floor : what is this materials ?

Its a flexible material composed by a really stone leaf with a thickness between 0,3 and 0,8mm, with a fiberglass and resin support. All the layers have a thickness between 1,2 and 1,4mm. The sheet is peeled off manually on the stone block thanks to an innovative process.
Two types of product can be distinguished:
• The natural Stone leaf, from quarries, the stone is directly extract form the block ;
• The reconstitute sheets, the piece of stone is glued on a resin.
The reconstitue sheets are less resistant, and less beautiful. We prefer Stone leaf as on this website.
We use different type of stone: slates and Mica.

Unique flooring with StoneLeaf

To have a unique flooring, the natural stone leaf is the perfect material. Cheaper than real stone, StoneLeaf is really easy to set up thanks to its thin thickness and its perfect appearance.
Very strong and waterproof thanks to the resin, this material can be laid on all humid areas even in outdoor on a terrasse or walkway.
Thanks to its weight you can use StoneLeaf in all type of areas like attic areas or light floors.
StoneLeaf can be laid on all type of support, you can coat it on existant floor without change doors threshold.
The biggest size upgrade your interior.
StoneLeaf have all the advantage of the stone without its drawbacks: weight, thickness, price.

Floor with StoneLeaf: A light, waterproof and ideal flooring for your decoration

Its weightlessness is an asset for all your decoration. you can use natural StoneLeaf in all following areas:
• Floor
• Wall (including shower)
• furniture : countertop, table, fireplace, doors…
• Woodworking for trendy and unique furniture
• Ceiling
• Outdoor : swimming pool border, terrasse, walkway

How to set up StoneLeaf on the floor ?

In addition to its thickness, the natural stone leaf is easy to set. You can save time on your projects. Natural StoneLeaf can be laid on all type of support: paint, wood, plaster, ceramic…
The set up is the same as for a laminate:
1. Preparation of the support : the support have to be smooth, dry and clean. Fill holes and cracks, sand and brush.
2. Before laying, cut the sheets.
3. Draw the plumb lines on the walls.
4. SWith the polymer sealant, bond without interrup0on (3mm between each glue lines) and stop 2-3mm on each edge in order to bond the edges perfectly. You can bond the wall directly to not put more weight on the sheet: Bond directly the support.