StoneLeaf as furniture covering

Highlight your furniture with natural StoneLeaf

StoneLeaf is used for wall covering, floors and ceiling. But do you know that's you can use it as a furniture covering? If you want to refurbish you indoor decoration or juste give a contemporary and design touch to an old furniture, StoneLeaf is made for you. With the natural and flexible StoneLeaf, everything becomes possible !

Have a stone furniture thanks to the StoneLeaf

StoneLeaf offers you natural and flexible stone veneer to cover your furniture. StoneLeaf is a flexible coating with a thin natural stone surface – Slates or Mica – with a fiberglass and resin backing. The StoneLeaf can be used for all type of area indoor and outdoor…And for your furniture! With StoneLeaf you can have a real pice of stone furniture for all your table, cupboard, doors. Your interior will have a contemporary, design and warm atmosphere.
Strong, esthetic and easy to set, StoneLeaf will giving a new lease of life to your furniture units. Choose your StoneLeaf (slates, mica or translucent) and you colors in our 26 reference and challenge yourself in the creation of stone furniture !

StoneLeaf: For which type of furniture?

You can use StoneLeaf to cover all type of furniture, on all materials (wood, steel, concrete, ceramic…). You can use it in all area: living room, bedroom (bed, cupboard, office), or bathroom (sink..). You can cover also you doors, fireplace…StoneLeaf can be install in outoor too: your garden furniture will become very modern with it ! Usually the StoneLeaf is used in kitchen. The stone furniture is perfect for the atmosphere of the kitchen. StoneLeaf slate will fits perfectly for your counter top, for exemple, and you won’t have any problems thanks to its waterproof characteristic.

Natural StoneLeaf for your furniture: very fast and easy to set

The natural StoneLeaf is very flexible and lightness. Thanks to those characteristique, this materials is very fast and easy to set, even if you are a do-it-yourselfer. StoneLeaf can be laid on all type of support, flat or curved.
How to set up a natural StoneLeaf and give a stone effect to your furniture? find below the protocols:
• Choose your stoneLeaf reference (slates or mica) and the size.
• The support have to be smooth and dry. Clean the surface.
• Cut the StoneLeaf with a circular saw.
• Set the StoneLeaf and use a neopren glue on the woods or polymer glue for all type of support.
Now you have a modern and design stone furniture !
Our advice: when you set up the StoneLeaf, respect all the step and take your time.
For cleaning, don’t use agressive chemical products. We will provide you all the perfect product !

You search the perfect StoneLeaf for your project? Ask some advice to our team !
Find our 26 stones here !