StoneLeaf is a natural coating for interior and outdoor, you can use it in many application areas. Natural StoneLeaf is a wonderful choice for your decoration thanks to its large range of colors and texture. Stone is a trendy material in construction and refurbishment project. Trust in professional like StoneLeaf is a guarantee of quality from de selection of the stone to the set up of the materials.

Natural StoneLeaf and application areas: kitchen and kitchen splashback

Natural StoneLeaf can be laid on many application areas. You can fix it on all type of support.
StoneLeaf is perfect for the floor, wall and give a wonderful decorative effect. Made from slate and mica, natural StoneLeaf is very strong and light.
You can put also natural StoneLeaf on outdoor facade or to bring an elegant touch to your kitchen. StoneLeaf can be coat on wood, ceramic or concrete. In country or urbain area, natural StoneLeaf is perfect for all type of decoration and architectural trends.

Why choose natural StoneLeaf for kitchen and kitchen splachback?

Made from natural block of stones, natural StoneLeaf is a weatherproof material. Perfect for humid areas, provide a better seal for your kitchen splashback. This is an great characteristic against water splash and greasy stains.
The lightness of the product is very appreciate, the work will be easy.
Very thick (between 1,2 & 1,4mm), the materials is easy to carry and handle. Very flexible, you can put it on many shapes.
Depending on your needs, you can decide of the size, colors, structure you want. Natural StoneLeaf will inspire your wish and will give you a complete satisfaction. Natural StoneLeaf and its large application areas is very perfect for your creativity and innovation. Easy to cut, you can adapt the stones to all dimensions, even the smallest.
Choose natural StoneLeaf, it’s opt for originality as each stone is unique. It’s an important point because natural StoneLeaf complete the design of your decoration. This particularity is also true for the colors, texture, natural StoneLeaf creates an esthetic structure.
You can adapt the stone an all support, you will have a wonderful contrasting decoration.
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How make the set up of natural StoneLeaf in kitchen and kitchen splashback?

The set up of natural StoneLeaf is very easy. A preparation work is necessary, to clean the support. All the humidity problems have to be treat before the application of StoneLeaf.
After clean the wall of your kitchen, the StoneLeaf is laid directly on the surface thanks to a special glue. After you will have to clean the coating. StoneLeaf can be fix on all type of support like gypsum or paint.
For the kitchen splashback, the steps are the same. Thanks to its esthetic appearance, its resistance and waterproof qualities, natural StoneLeaf is perfect to cover the floor. Trendy and design effect guarantee.
To optimize the lifetime of the StoneLeaf, you have to clean it with adapted products. The cleaning is very easy and don’t require lot of time.