Outdoor facade is the first element which attracts attention when we see a beautiful construction. That’s why you have to choose the perfect materials for your wall and facade coating. StoneLeaf for outdoor application is the best materials for esthetic and ecologic factor. StoneLeaf is the new innovative materials for outdoor facade, you can put it on your walls very easily. If you are looking for an original material for a contemporary facade, opt for StoneLeaf.

Natural StoneLeaf: an outdoor coating

When we speak about outdoor coating in natural stone, we think about a material which give brings a dense thickness on the walls. But with StoneLeaf for outdoor, you will not have this problematics. Thanks to its lightness and its thickness of a few milimeters, natural StoneLeaf will highlights your facade.
From a distance, you will see a facade sculpted in a block of stone. Thanks to its several characteristic, natural StoneLeaf is the perfect materials for facade.
On the first time, this materials are very resistant. Natural StoneLeaf are UV protected. The sheets resist to water, freeze, wind end snow. Natural StoneLeaf will protect your house against the weather.
Natural StoneLeaf can protect also your house against human factor like shock, scrapping, punching…
As the materials is made from natural stone with a resin layer, natural StoneLeaf will keep its authenticity on short and long terme. Natural StoneLeaf is the best material to cover, decorate and protect your wall and facade.

Natural StoneLeaf: a waterproof material easy to set in outdoor

Waterproofness is the first quality for an outdoor material. Natural StoneLeaf are the best material for outdoor because it is totally waterproof. No water will penetrate in your wall. Thanks to StoneLeaf, your interior will naturally keep warm.
Additional to all this characteristic, Natural StoneLeaf is very flexible. You can cut it and put it on your wall very easily, and on all type of surface.
The main size of natural StoneLeaf are: 1220mm x 610mm for the smallest and the biggest size is 2400mm x 1200mm. You can adapt it on all shapes of you building, you will glue the natural StoneLeaf with a special polymer glue.
If your facade are in wood, aluminium, steel, concrete…you can glue natural StoneLeaf on each of this materials.
Thanks to its large range of colors, structure, size, you will always find the good stone for your project.
If you want a wonderful facade unique, elegant and strong, StoneLeaf for outdoor facade covering will be the best material.
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