Natural StoneLeaf: the perfect material for your swimming pool

Our StoneLeaf range is perfect to obtain a swimming pool in natural stone. Our product are perfectly adapted for Indoor and Outdoor application. For the swimming pool, natural StoneLeaf will give it a contemporary and clean aspect.

The swimming pool coating redesigned by StoneLeaf

Who’s never dream on a stone swimming pool ?
Contrary to classical stone, our StoneLeaf is really light and easy to set. With our 26 stones, you can easily create a unique swimming pool.
Some of our stones have veins for a really marble effect, as a high quality product !
The unique touch aspect is perfect for the swimming pool walls, with a natural lake atmosphere, it will be a magical place when the night fallings especially if you add spots.

The natural StoneLeaf for swimming pool: a durable and authentic product

Natural StoneLeaf is composed by a real stone leaf. Made from Mica or Slate, the thin couche of Stone is set on a fiberglass. That’s why StoneLeaf is really strong and light.
StoneLeaf is 100% natural stone and not chipboard, our products are very resistant. This swimming pool coating can be in place until many years, if you respect all our set up protocols.
As for interior design, StoneLeaf gives an authentic and contemporary aspect, for outdoor, like for swimming pool, the authentic aspect have its place.
StoneLeaf fits perfectly with all materials like woods, stone and plants.

Flexible, StoneLeaf is perfect for all shapes for your swimming pool

The inconvenient with swimming pool coating in classical natural stone is the setting up, you can’t work on curved shapes and edges. You have to cut very small square, the setting up is very long.
With natural StoneLeaf, swimming pool coating is child’s play !
Flexible thanks to the resin and the thickness, Stoneleaf can be laid on curved surface and swimming pool border.

Set up protocols of StoneLeaf for swimming pool : Add a water-repellent

Natural stone is by definition porous, you have to add a water-repellent to apply it on swimming pool. As the water is static, it will penetrate in the pore of the stone.
The water repellent is without colors and you have to apply it on the stone directly, in 2 application.
The set up of the natural stone coating from StoneLeaf is like for a ceramics:
• Sand the area
• Draw the plumb lines on the wall
• Glue the StoneLeaf with a classical ceramic sealant:
o Bond the surface
o Apply the sheet on the support
o Adjust then press
• Apply the water repellent in two layer
• Grouting