StoneLeaf is a very trendy decorative innovation. To obtain a StoneLeaf we break off the stones in layer from the stone bloc. With this method, we have very thin StoneLeaf between 1,2 and 1,4 mm and we had fiberglass and resin to have a better flexibility and resistance. We work on slates and mica stones. The StoneLeaf will have a wonderful result: a natural and flexible stone for your indoor and outdoor wall. We offers you a whole range of stones with 26 différents colours and textures. The StoneLeaf is the perfect materials for your decoration for type of interior area.

StoneLeaf application for your wall

StoneLeaf is not only a wall-covering. You can use StoneLeaf for your floor and façades covering. Thanks to it lightness and flexibility, StoneLeaf can be used in all your area and bring contemporary and warm touch to your wall. Each StoneLeaf is unique and comes in a variety of colours and texture: You will find your perfect StoneLeaf for your project up to your expectation. The StoneLeaf slate is a perfect choice for the most humid areas. We advice it for kitchen, bathroom and relaxation area like swimming pool or spa, StoneLeaf will creates a relaxing and beautiful effect.

StoneLeaf for your wall: Easy to set up

You can set the StoneLeaf on all type of support: painting, laminate, concrete. This material will enjoyed all the do-it-yourselfer. Once the surface be clean and prepare, you just have to set up the StoneLeaf. You can cut it easily with a circular saw. To glue it, you have to use a polymer sealent: this sealent have an instant tack and is waterproof. When the StoneLeaf is glued, the cleaning will be easy too. We provide the application of a protection for the stone, a water repellent. The stone will be protecteed against water and oil.

StoneLeaf: Natural Stone Leaf for your wall

The natural StoneLeaf is a wall coating made from real stone. Our StoneLeaf are specially designed for fitting on your wall and your floor. Thanks to our technology, you can use it for your kitchen countertop and as a furniture covering. The wall covering we offers is made from Slates and mica. It’s not a composite material but 100% natural Stone. This is a special material which could fits perfectly on all your type of project: indoor and outdoor. Our stone range are made with real quality material for a perfect decoration. Thanks to the contemporary technique your will have an authentic decoration. You can set it up on all type of wall thanks to the lightness of the StoneLeaf. Our whole range of colors will awake your creation and decoration sense. StoneLeaf will creates a unique atmosphere for indoor and outdoor. With this trendy touch, you will differentiate yourself for the other type of decoration.