Stone panels for bathrooms & showers

Our 100% natural stone sheets on a bathroom furnitureFeuille de pierre 100% naturelle sur un meuble de salle de bain

StoneLeaf’s natural stone panels : the ideal material for your bathrooms & showers

To create the utmost relaxing environment in your home, the importance of your bathroom’s finish & design cannot be overstated. For a spacious and soothing area, many design ideas have surfaced over the years, however, today, the most stylish option is the use of natural stone panels. Made from blocks of shale, light and flexible, they are ideal for use on your bathroom walls, or even for your floors, furniture, doors, countertops, etc. they are ideal for use on your bathroom, walls, or even for your floors, furniture, doors, countertops, etc. They are perfect if you’re in the market for affordable stone shower walls.

Natural stone panels : a humidity-resistant material, ideal for bathrooms & showers

The stone sheet is made up of strata slate or mica. These flaky stones are excellent for use as a wall covering in a bathroom because they have an authentic look. They are subdivided into panels to allow for an easy installation process. The panels are divided following a specific technique that makes them extremely fine (1,5 to 2 mm). Once the panels are created, a resin is applied to the stone.
This resin seeps into the rock to make it stronger. The layers are removed from the initial block of stone and are then reinforced with fiberglass. This allows the stone panels in your bathroom to reflect light around it all while remaining extremely flexible. Perfectly harmonizing with any surface, even rounded edges, to create unique & natural stone shower walls. Thanks to the waterproofing process, the stone panels are perfect for your shower. Discover our installation & maintenance products here.

Natural stone panels for your bathrooms & showers : installation adapted for humid areas

The sheet of stone in the bathroom is as easy as it is in a dry environment.
The polymer adhesive used for installation will create a waterproof barrier between each panel.
A waterproof product will then be applied to protect your floors and your new stone panels. Cutting the stone panels is easy. Simply use a circular saw or jigsaw to cut openings for various elements (handles, showerheads, etc.). Once installed, you have a beautiful stone shower that will stand up to humidity and weather.

StoneLeaf : high-end stone panels for your bathrooms & showers

To enjoy the stone sheet in your bathroom, StoneLeaf offers natural materials made of slate or mica, not reconstituted sheets. By benefiting from these different finishes, you will ensure the decoration of your bathroom. StoneLeaf offers stone panels such as :

  • StoneLeaf Classic
  • StoneLeaf Translucent
  • Stick&Stone

These high-end materials will be an additional guarantee for the successful decoration of your wet room. The panels are easy to install and are resistant to humidity, heat, and are watertight. Our expertly engineered lines of textures and colors make for a truly unique shower or bathroom.

How to install ou StoneLeaf into bathroom & shower ?
Installation and maintenance easy to everyone !

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