Stone panels for a fireplace application

Fireplaces are an exceptional symbol of warmth and friendliness in a home. Making your fireplace beautiful and welcoming will give your home a unique look. Stone panels are made from a unique material that is highly resistant to heat. Numerous textures are available to adorn your fireplace. If your home is equipped with a fireplace and you’re not sure where to start for its design & decoration, choose natural stone panels, you won’t be disappointed !

Our 100% natural stone sheet on a wall

Our stone sheets for fireplace

Natural stone panels: non-combustible material for yourfireplace

Stone panels have properties that make them completely unique. The stone used is entirely fireproof and non-combustible. In accordance with international standards (European ranking), the behavior of the stone in the presence of fire is graded C-s2,d0. In terms of safety, stone panels for fireplaces meet the strictest requirements for European standards.

The panels’ highly regarded safety certification is largely due to the low emissions of heavy smoke. Note that no flaming debris will emerge from the sheet of stone. These exceptional characteristics make stone panels the most adapted material for use on your fireplace. Thanks to its capacities and its colors, it gives your fireplace a certain elegance.

To sum up, stone panels are made from materials that do not catch fire and that add a charming and colorful style to your fireplace. With a fireplace covered in stone panels, you’ll love cozying up to your fireplace during long winter nights.

Stone panels for your fireplace : which style to choose ?

As explained above, many colors and textures are available for your stone panels to use on your fireplace. Stone panels can be used to decorate the contours of the fireplace, as well as the interior of the fireplace. But it can as well be install inside the fireplace.
In order to choose which style of stone panels you’d like, consider your tastes, preferences, fireplace style, and even the location of the fireplace in your home. A modern fireplace will not require the same finish as a rustic one.
You can play with the contrast of the ironwork by choosing opposing colors for the stone panels, or you can choose to match the ironwork to the stone panels by choosing complementary colors. If you’d like, you can even create a gradient of colors along your fireplace. Another idea, choose colorful stones for a truly unique look. The options are endless ; let your imagination run wild ! You can find some inspiration amongst the various options by exploring Your projects.
Choose, install, and admire ! If ever in doubt, feel free to contact us.
Refine your renovations, let yourself be tempted by our stone panels for your fireplace. Take advantage of ongoing construction work to give your fireplace a second wind. If there’s one thing to remember about stone paneled fireplaces: try it, and you’ll be hooked ! Choose between our slate and our mica on our Shop.

How to install our StoneLeaf on fireplaces ?
An installation easy to all !

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