Stone panels for unique flooring

Natural stone panel-covered floors : a perfect solution with StoneLeaf

Stones have been around forever but it’s only recently that they’ve graced the interiors of our homes, especially our floors, thanks to StoneLeaf

Our 100% natural stone sheet on a wall

Our stone sheets for floors

What is stone paneling for floors ?

It’s a flexible material composed of layers of stone (with a thickness of 0.3 mm to 0.8 mm) adhered to a resin and fiberglass backing for a total thickness of 1.5 to 2 mm. The panel is cut from massive blocks of stone thanks to our unique and innovative process.
There are two types of products :

  • The natural stone panel, which comes directly from a quarry where it is extracted piece by piece, to obtain a panel that is 100% natural.
  • The reconstructed stone panel, whereby the stone is formed by adhering multiple stone fragments onto a resin. This version is admittedly less durable, weaker, and less aesthetic.

The two offer completely different results.
Various materials can be used : slate, mica, quartzite, sandstone.

A unique floor covering made from natural stone panels

For the most unique looking floors, natural stone panels are the ideal material. Affordable and accessible to all, the installation process is simple thanks to the stone’s characteristics : light and thin, with a natural finish. Indeed, a straight cut offers a smooth finish, without dents or roughness, that guarantees a completely flat surface.
Waterproof and impact-resistant, thanks to the layer of resin, this material can be used in any humid area and even outdoors, on a patio or walkway.
The lightweight panels (1.5 to 2 kg/m²) allow for use on pre-existing floors, without changing door sills.
Its reduced thickness (1.5 to 2 mm) makes it possible to apply it to an existing floor, without changing the door sills.
Large stone tiles add a chic design to your interior spaces.
This product brings your floors every advantage of natural stone without the inconveniences : weight, thickness, and cost.

Stone panels for your floors : a light, waterproof, & unique design

The lightweight nature of the stone panels makes for an ideal addition to any design project. These natural stone panels can be used in any of the following applications :

Floor installation for natural stone panels ?

Thanks to their lightweight nature, StoneLeaf’s stone panels are easy to install. They save precious time on any job site. They can be added to any surface : paint, wood, plaster, tiles, etc.
The process is similar to that of a laminate :
1. Prepare the surface: it must be clean, dry, and smooth. Fill any holes with sealant, sand down, and let dry.
2. Before installation, position and organize the stones to determine where to make the incisions on the panels.
3. Position the first stone in a corner and trace a straight line that will guide the following stones.
4. For the installation, there are two options : either the panels will have an adhesive film that simply needs to be removed to then adhere the stone to its place. Otherwise, the stones will require a polymer hybrid adhesive. In this case, the installation will be similar to that of a laminate. In the second case, we recommend using adhesive cartridges to delineate rows of glue: a first row 2 mm from the edge around the frame, then tight rows measuring 15 mm along the surface’s entire backing. Stick onto the stone’s final surface and press down firmly to spread the adhesive along the entire panel.
5. Adjust the position of the panel if necessary.
6. Smooth out the panel to remove any air bubbles.
Leave to dry for three to four hours.

How to install our StoneLeaf on the floor ?
An installation easy to all !

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