Stone panels to cover your furniture

Natural stone from StoneLeaf : a decorative material for your furniture

While stone panels are largely used for walls, floors and ceilings. But did you know that they can also be used to cover your furniture ? If you’ve embarked on an interior re-design or are simply looking to add a modern touch to your existing furniture, StoneLeaf coverings are perfect for you. With this naturally flexible product, anything is possible !

100% natural stone sheets on a table

Our stone sheets for furniture

Stone-styled furniture thanks to stone panels from StoneLeaf

StoneLeaf offers flexible covering made from natural stone, ideal for your furniture. The stone panels are a flexible covering made from a layer of natural stone – slate or mica – added to a fiberglass and resin backing.
Stone panels can be used as coverings for any interior or exterior spaces … as well as for your furniture ! Give your furniture a stone-plated look : from your tables to your closets, your doors, and more ! These stone panels will give any room an atmosphere of modernness, style, and warmth.
Durable, aesthetic, and easy to install, stone panels will give a second life to your furniture. Choose your natural stone (slate, mica, or translucent) and your color options from a large palette, and jump into your stone furniture redesign !

Stone panels : on which types of furniture ?

You can use StoneLeaf’s stone panels or Stick&Stone (self-adhesive) to cover all types of furniture, no matter the material (wood, metal, concrete, plaster, ceramic, tiling, mosaic…).
Any piece of home furnishing can work: living room furniture (dinner tables, coffee tables, buffets, bookshelves), bedroom furniture (beds, dressers, desks), or even bathroom items (sinks, cabinets). You can also cover your doors, closets, or even fireplaces… not to mention outdoor applications: outdoor furniture will get a real face-lift with stone panels !
The most common applications for stone furniture are found in the kitchen. The stone look is particularly well-suited for the functionality of kitchen spaces. Slate panels are well-adapted for countertops, for example, as they are impact-resistant and 100% waterproof.

Natural stone panels for your furniture : quick & simple installation

Natural stone panels are flexible and light. Because of this, installation is quick and easy enough for anyone to do ; no extensive, long, or costly construction involved ! What’s more, the flexibility of StoneLeaf material allows it to adapt to any surface, rounded or flat, corners or curvatures.
How to install a natural stone panel to give a “stone look” to your furniture ? Here are the steps to follow :

  • Prepare your furniture depending on your design choices (slate or mica, colors according to your taste). Choose the dimensions that best serve your project (1200×600 mm or 2400×1200 mm).
  • Make sure the surface is smooth, clean, and dry. Clean and degrease the surface as needed.
  • Cut the natural stone panel down to the required sizes using a circular saw (carbon or diamond blade).
  • Place the stone panel, being cognizant of levels and edges, using a special adhesive (which you can findhere along with all of the necessary products for installation & maintenance).
    And there you have it, a complete furniture makeover !
    A word of advice : don’t hesitate to rely on our installation protocols and installation videos, which can be downloadedhere.
    As for maintenance, don’t use products containing harsh chemicals. Prefer products sold with the stone sheet, in order to allow the material to retain all its shine.

Want to know which StoneLeaf stone sheet is best suited for your project ? Ask StoneLeaf for advice on your stone furniture coverings !

How to install our StoneLeaf on furnitures ?
An installation easy to all !

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