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Stone panels for kitchens and splashbacks

For both exterior and interior design finishes, multiple options are available. One thing is for sure, choosing StoneLeaf stone panels is an exceptional choice. They offer a large array of colors, forms, and textures, which make for endless decorative possibilities. Stone is a material that is becoming more and more prized, as much for new construction projects as for renovation projects. Trusting professionals at StoneLeaf is a safe bet, from the moment you choose your unique stone panels, until the moment you install them in your home.

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Our stone sheets for splashback and kitchen

Stone panels and applications for kitchens and splashbacks

Stone panels can be applied to many different domains ; they are ideal for any surface. Perfect for floor, and walls, offering a special touch to any design. Composed of mica andoslatecombine durability with lightness.
Install stone panels to beautify an outdoor wall, or to bring a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Stone panels can even be installed on existing surfaces like wooden cladding, tiling, concrete, or even ceramic. Whether in rural or urban settings, they are convenient for any aesthetic design or architectural style.

Why choose stone panels for your kitchen or splashback ?

Created from blocks of natural stone, the stone sheet is a material whose resistance is resistant to all projections. Ideal for use in humid areas, stone panels are waterproof enough for use as a kitchen splashback. The water resistance is an important feature that allows you to protect your walls from cooking messes like splashes of grease or water.
The product’s lightweight nature is equally important as it considerably facilitates the success of construction projects. With a thinness of 1.5-2 mm, the material is easy to transport and handle. Its malleability is a huge advantage as it allows for a flexible installation in all its forms.
Depending on your project specifications, you can choose formats, colors, or textures that are best suited. Your choices are inspired by your creative desires, meaning your satisfaction is guaranteed ! The stone sheet and its wide fields of application is a real boon for creativity and innovation. Cutting the panels is easy, which allows them to adapt to any dimensions necessary, even to the smallest scale.
Choosing stone panels is opting for originality, as each stone is entirely unique !

How to install stone panels in your kitchen or splashback ?

Nothing is simpler than installing stone panels. That said, some preparation is needed so that the surface is clean and free of all debris. Thus, you guarantee waterproofing before proceeding with the installation.
Once your kitchen walls are clean, the panel is fixed directly to the surface thanks to a special adhesive. Once this step is complete, all that’s left to do is waterproof the coating (our Stick&Stone line is already waterproof). Do not hesitate to rely on our installation protocols and installation videos, downloadable here, and find our installation & maintenance products here.
Quick reminder: stone panels can adhere to any surface, be it wood, tiling, plaster, sealant, or paint.
Due to their aesthetic design, impeccable durability, and water resistance, stone panels are perfect for floors as well. Stylish design guaranteed !
To optimize the longevity of your stone panels, use our maintenance products, perfectly adapted for this use. Maintenance is minimal for everyday comfort.

How to install our StoneLeaf into kitchen & Splashback ?
An installation easy to all !

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