Outdoor applications for stone panels

Outdoor applications for stone panels

The outdoor finish is undoubtedly the first thing one notices when admiring a beautiful building. That’s why it’s important to consider which materials to use on outdoor walls and facades. The use of stone panels on outdoor walls is surely the best option for any design project as it is aesthetic, innovative, and eco-friendly. Not only are stone panels a great design option, but they are also easy to install. If you’re looking for an original material that is capable of turning your exterior walls into masterpieces, then look no further !

Our 100% natural stone sheet on a wall

Our stone sheets for exterior facade

Stone panels, made for the outdoors

Hearing about an exterior cladding with natural stones implies a significant thickness on the walls. but you’d be wrong ! Stone panels are light and their thinness of only a few millimeters will adorn your walls without encroaching on precious square footage. From afar, your house will have the allure of a stone-sculpted monument. You’ll see, your project will become an eye-catching masterpiece.
The characteristics of stone panels make for the perfect material to redo a wall or façade. First, the material is extremely durable : resistant to elements such as UV rays, rain, frost, wind, and snow. In a nutshell, the stone panels will protect your home from the natural elements.
Contrary to other exterior finishes, the durability of the stone panels makes for excellent protection against impacts, friction, punctures, or any other possible form of damage that your walls might endure. Lastly, the stones are naturally rot-resistant, meaning they will look as alluring in the short-term as they will in the long-term. Stone panels are therefore the ideal design element you need to protect your exterior walls and facades.

Waterproof and easy to install, stone panels are a must for outdoor areas

Any exterior design element must be waterproof; that’s why stone panels are an obvious choice. Never fret over the water-resistance of your walls – with stone panels, not a drop of water will infiltrate your walls. Thanks to stone panels, the inside of your home sweet home will be kept naturally warm, even in the coldest & rainiest months.
In addition to these characteristics, stone panels are extremely flexible. Easily cut and install them on any surface. We offer it in two formats : 1220×610 mm and 2400×1200 mm. Whatever the shape (rounded, square, etc.) of your building, the stone sheet adheres to it thanks to our adapted adhesives. Whether you have walls made of wood, aluminium, steel, concrete, or any other material, our stone panels are compatible with your project. With the wide range of colors, textures and formats, you will not fail to find the sheet that matches your design desires.
If you’re looking for a unique, elegant finish that protects your walls and facades, stone panels are an ideal outdoor design element.

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