StoneLeaf Stone sheets for pools

Do you dream of a natural stone pool, but it won’t fit your budget? No worries, our stone sheet range can also be used to get a natural stone pool cover. Water-proof, easy to install and low-priced, it will allow you to have a high-ranged pool without spending a fortune! As a matter of fact, our products are designed for interior and exterior decoration. This can give pool paving a very neat and contemporary look.

Feuille de pierre 100% naturelle en colonne de piscine

Our stone sheets for swimming pool

A large range of colors and textures

Contrary to popular belief, stone sheet is not necessarily black, even though it comes from blocks of slate. Although black fits perfectly to get a natural pool, the Moscou stone sheet, for example, gives a great result, combining beige and off-white tones with black for a natural, sophisticated and chic marbled result. The New York stone sheet, on the other hand, will give a grey-toned result that will match with a natural decoration (bamboo furniture, …) as well as with a contemporary decoration.

An incomparable easy installation

What makes stone sheet popular is that, whether it is used to decorate a home, a patio or the bottom of a pool, it is always easy to install. Unlike tiles, primers or even blocks of stone which will require important work, stone sheet for pools can be applied directly onto the old surface, no matter which kind, old or new. Not only it is very practical, but also it will allow you to save some money. Be careful though, if you wish to install stone sheets in your pool or inside a shower, for example, it will be necessary to use silicone joint in the inside corners to make sure the area is waterproof.

Glue, silicone joint, and cleaning products

Stone sheet for pool can be very well installed by an individual as long as the surface is clean, dry and smooth. If you wish to do the work yourself, we recommend that you watch the installation protocol video that we linked on this page. Also, you can add to your order tubes of epoxy glue, silicone joints and cleaning wipes that will allow you to do your projects under the best possible conditions. In case you have a doubt during the installation or when you are about to order, feel free to contact our team, so we can help you out.

How to install our StoneLeaf in a swimming pool ?
An installation easy to all !

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