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100% natural stone sheets Londres into a bathroom

How to decorate your bathroom with stone sheets ?

Natural stone in the bathroom

The bathroom is an important room and feeling good in it is very important. So, why not go for a slate bathroom ? Slates and micas are very good choices for spaces prone to a humid atmosphere like this. Stone sheet is a perfect material for areas with water thanks to its resistance to humidity. All of our stones come with a waterproof solution that allows optimal protection. You can find all of our products here.

Our slate bathroom project

Among all the possible decorations, the trend is mineral materials for the bathroom. We’re going to talk about a project made by the architect Bertrand Fouilhaux. For this project, our Londres stone is beautifully honored. This slate is a dark stone with discreet blue hues offering a beautiful visual depth. Its homogeneous colour and texture contrasts with the white furniture of this bathroom while highlighting the touches of brushed brass. The tiling brings a modern atmosphere to this space. This mix brings a sober and elegant atmosphere to this room.

Feuille de pierre 100% naturelle Londres détail dans une salle de bain

Decoration tips

Light and flexible, our stone sheets can easily cover the walls of your bathroom. The color and texture of stone are two key elements to keep in mind when you choose a stone. This appearance of our stones may vary from one block of stone to another, but no pigment is added. Colored stones with warm tones like our Moscou slate will soften and bring elegance to your bathroom. For a spacious effect, we recommend lighter stones, more specifically micas that naturally have glitters in it that will reflect light and make your space bigger. Our Oslo stone fits perfectly. For a more modern and authentic look, darker stones like our New York or Minsk stones will be great.

How to install stone sheets ?

Our stone sheets are very simple to install in humid areas. They can be placed on all types of support : paint, wood, tiles, earthenware and even on plasterboard. Depending on the existing support, once the surface area has been thoroughly prepared and cleaned, we recommend you apply a primer for an installation on tiles and a sealing resin for an installation on plasterboard. It is easy to cut through the sheets with a circular saw or a jigsaw for an easy and customized application. For a strong hold, the use of hybrid polymer glue is strongly recommended : this type of glue is well known for its perfect hold and its watertightness. Once you install the sheets, you can easily and sustainably maintain and protect your stone sheets with an anti-spot product and a cleaning product. The use of our products does not alter the color of the stones. You can find all of our maintenance products here.

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