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100% natural stone sheets into common areas of a building

How to decorate the common areas with the stone sheet

Natural stone for wall application

Stone sheets can be used as a wall covering in every room of your home to give a modern and contemporary style. Slate, mica or even unpolished marble are good alternatives for humid or prone to daily impacts. All of our stones come with a water repellent solution allowing for better protection. You can find all of our care and cleaning products here. The areas of applications are diverse : kitchen, kitchen backsplash, bathroom, shower, exterior walls… In this article, we’ll talk about common parts.

The pros of using this material for common parts

Why choose stone leaves for your common parts ?
For a lot of reasons. The modern style that this wall cover will give to your home is one. Lobbies, elevators, hallways, or even corridors will offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere thanks to the natural stone. Moreover, natural stone is the perfect material for impact-resistant and high-traffic areas thanks to its resistance to daily shocks. Choose the beautiful visual depth offered by natural stones. You’ll find yourself hanging out in the lobby more than you used to !

100% natural stone sheets into an elevator

Tips on how to decorate

To make the right choice, you have to focus on two things : the color and the texture of the stone. Authentic and natural, no pigment is added to our stones. Their appearance can vary from stone block to stone block. Listen to yourself and dress up your entrance hall to make it a modern, warm and stylish space.
Darker stones like our New York or Londres mica will give a modern atmosphere to your common areas, whereas brighter stones like our Stockholm stone will brighten and expand your space. If you want to bring a softer side to it, try a warm-toned slate like Ankara. Warm colors will soften and bring a warmer atmosphere. As for the texture, natural glitters in the mica will reflect light and make your lobby a brighter space. We recommend our Riga or Oslo stones.
Try it for yourself !

How to install stone sheets ?

Our stone sheets are very simple to install to anyone who likes to tinker. Once the surface has been thoroughly cleaned and prepared, you can get to the installation part. Stone sheets can be installed on all types of surfaces: painted surfaces, wood, tiles, earthenware, and even plasterboard. You can easily cut the sheets to fit your space. To ensure a good result over time, the use of a MS Polymer glue is recommended: this type of glue is known to make anything long lasting and waterproof.
Once you installed the sheets you can maintain its appearance and protect it easily with the use of an anti-stain product and a cleansing product. Using our products won’t change the color or appearance of the stones. You can find all of our cleaning products here.

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