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Elisabeth Visoanska

In the center of Paris, Elisabeth Visoanska’s new store has opened. This new store combines modernity and feminity, the shop has been decorated with our reference StoneLeaf Saint Tropez.

The Mica reference: Saint Tropez

The reference StoneLeaf Saint Tropez is a Mica stone with pink and grey shades changing with the light. Thanks to its natural composition, shine and structure, the StoneLeaf Saint Tropez stone fits perfectly with the concept of Elisabeth Visoanska. In this project the Mica reflects the natural products of Elisabeth Visoanska, the atmosphere is pure and decontracted. The Saint Tropez stone magnified the values of Elisabeth Visoanska.

The StoneLeaf: a material in harmony whith the interiors

100% natural stone, the StoneLeaf sheet is a high quality product and easy to use. Its thickness, its lightness and its durability permit an utilisation in all type of area and all type of support.
With Stoneleaf, let your desires and creativity express themselves. With a large range of reference, you can give a touch of design and modernity to your interiors.