For a trendy wall coating, opt for the natural StoneLeaf

Interior design is not only the choice of the furniture and its place. The flooring is very important but the walls are often overlooked. But now, there is some new materials which be use as an indoor wall covering in every areas (included Bathroom and kitchen). Forget the wallpaper, woods panels or (the worst) the carpet on the walls. Opt for a modern, elegant and contemporary walls materials: The StoneLeaf.

There is many types: chipboard stone or natural stone. The last materials is the best choice to have an aesthetic and convenient, even for the humid areas.

The natural StoneLeaf for the walls, the best materials for your interior decoration

Made from slates and mica, the natural StoneLeaf for the walls will give a contemporary touch to every areas. Natural StoneLeaf fits perfectly with all type of decoration and can highlights the other decoration elements like a piece of art and furniture.

A wall in natural StoneLeaf will highlights your interior and creates a real atmosphere in your room. Thanks to StoneLeaf, you can make a different decoration and emphasize the contemporary aspect of your areas. One advice: Let yourself be guided by your senses and your needs. The creation of the relief is one of the advantages of StoneLeaf, you can put it on several walls or only one wall with the other paints. You can also use it for your countertop in kitchen and in shower.

The advantages of natural StoneLeaf not chipboard

The wall coating in stone are trendy. In all the different materials you can find, we have several types: the natural stone, chipboard stone and stone imitation coating. The first one is the only highest quality material. StoneLeaf is very easy to set with the provided glue. They are resistant and strong and can be laid in all humid areas like Kitchen or Bathroom.

Offers with StoneLeaf to your old walls the best coating and highlights your interior !