Next TV appearance for StoneLeaf products
Feuille de pierre naturelle émission D&Co sophie ferjani StoneLeaf
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On Saturday, January 28, 2017 at 6:35 pm, the professionals of “D&co” on M6 will once again use StoneLeaf products to redecorate Kevin and Linda Landragin’s home. The team has used one of the StoneLeaf references for a part of the living room.

Make yourself known to a public more and more interested by the decoration.

Although the reference chosen for this next show is not strategically located, the fact that the directors have once again chosen us is a real encouragement. The concept of “deco” shows is on the rise, and StoneLeaf responds to the growing public interest in furnishing, design and « do-it-yourself”.

What the general public wants : natural products and simple application

Our growing visibility in the media encourages us in our concept of products that are both natural, available in a wide range and easy to use. StoneLeaf has always relied on 100% natural coatings that can be adapted to any surface and easily cut to measure. The fact that shows such as D&co call us and present our range is the proof that our products meet the demands of an ever-growing public.
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