The ConcreteLeaf is easy to set. Nevertheless you should not neglect the setting stipulations, which are different according to the rooms where the ConcreteLeaf is laid.

Set up protocols:

  • The base must be perfectly smooth, clean and dry.
  • Coat the concrete leaf with the protection product.
  • Use the correct glue: coat the concrete leaf or paste the wall directly with 1 to 1,5mm thickness using a notched spatula on the whole surface. Be careful to stop 1cm from the sides so that the glue does not go over the edges once the stone leaf is set.
  • Put aside and leave the stone leaf to dry for 24 hours.

The joint between the stone leaves can be realized as you wish. Sticking the leaves edge to edge will provide a better homogeneity. The making of the joint can be done with a standard cement joint. The various existing shades of joints help matching with the stone color.


MS Polymère, Néoprène, Epoxy, PU


Hydrofuge, Vernis Epoxy


Ciseaux ou cutter