The natural Translucent StoneLeaf

The natural Translucent StoneLeaf for all your lighting projects

The natural Translucent Stoneleaf slate comes in a variety of shades divided into two categories: the mica leaves and the slate leaves for each category the stone leaf is set on a fiberglass and a transparent polyester basis resin.

The natural Translucent Stoneleaf slate is easy to adapt and is made to be set on lighting backing as glass furniture, or PVC for example with a back light process.

Thin (1,3mm) and light (between 1,3 and 1,5kg/m2) the natural Translucent Stoneleaf slate is perfect for lighting basis and for all your luminous projects.

Standard size: 1220*610mm. Other sizes available on demand.


Our Translucent StoneLeaf

Our Natural translucent StoneLeaf range

Our natural Translucent StoneLeaf stone range is also composed of 22 colors. The result is really interesting for the selection you can find below. You can see the effect of the light on the stone: on your left light is on, on the right light is off.

Really thin (1,3mm) robust and durable the natural Translucent StoneLeaf slate brings a touch of originality and distinction for all your lighting projects. The large range of stone give you free rein to your imagination.

Application protocols of StoneLeaf Translucent

The StoneLeaf Translucent is easy to set.

Les étapes à suivre pour la pose sont :

  • Coat the stone leaf with the protection product.
  • The base must be perfectly smooth, clean and dry.
  • Use the SOUDAL FIX ALL Crystal glue: coat the stone leaf or paste the wall directly with 1 to 1,5mm thickness using a notched spatula on the whole surface. Be careful to stop 1cm from the sides so that the glue does not go over the edges once the stone leaf is set.
  • Put aside and leave the stone leaf to dry for 24 hours


MS Transparent Polymer, Clear Epoxy


Water repellent, PU varnish


Circular saw, Digital cutting, Viscous