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Natural stone panels : a StoneLeaf creation

The StoneLeaf company was established in 2013. Founded by Alexandre and Emmanuel DAHDI, StoneLeaf has become the ultimate benchmark in the world of natural stone panels.
Wishing to co-pilot a project, Emmanuel and Alexandre traveled all over the world looking for innovative products and new techniques.
During their research, they studied and built upon the manufacturing of this innovative material, one that offered never-before-seen advantages to working with natural stone.
The company quickly expanded its network amongst clientele and hardened professionals. As early as its second year, StoneLeaf became a consistent participant in reputable trade shows. Architect&Work, Maison&Objet, Equip’Hotel, and Euroshop are just some of the yearly events where StoneLeaf participates in order to develop new partnerships in the world of design, architecture, hospitality, and retail.
Due to growing national notoriety, StoneLeaf quickly began developing international relationships. Today more than 50% of the company’s revenue comes from international business, most notably in Asian and American markets.
The company is constantly looking for new partners to help StoneLeaf grow in different regions of the world.
Thanks to StoneLeaf’s partnerships with key air & marine transportation players, the company can fully manage all product transportation.

Feuille de pierre 100% naturelle carrières
Feuille de pierre 100% naturelle modèle Toronto de face

StoneLeaf : An expanding product line – An expansive clientele

In 2013, StoneLeaf offered only one line of products: StoneLeaf Classic. By constantly seeking to broaden their lines with the most stylish finishes to fit their clients’ needs, the company expanded to two lines in 2020 : StoneLeaf Classic and StoneLeaf Translucent with 19 natural stone styles available.
Not to mention the unique offer :Stick&Stone which you can discover in your Shop.
By the end of 2020, StoneLeaf will also offer a line of accessories for computers and phones. This way your everyday objects will match your most charming projects !
For seven years, StoneLeaf has dedicated its line of products to design and construction professionals.
Today, StoneLeaf products are also available to individual clients : Thanks to a new online shop, anyone can easily order StoneLeaf products and receive their shipment in the shortest possible time.
Armed with its expertise, as well as that of its numerous partners, StoneLeaf now offers personalized support for every client. From project conception to feasibility, and even final installation on your job site, our skilled experts are here to answer any questions.

Our commitments

When StoneLeaf was created in 2013, the mission was to adhere to best practices for eco-responsibility and sustainability. This mission has only grown stronger over the course of the years and is now fully integrated into our development process.

5 principles that drive our commitments :

1. Produce more with less : the stone panels we manufacture come from blocks of natural stone. We craft our final product directly from these stone blocks. Due to the thinness of our final product, we only need to extract a small layer of the stone for each panel we manufacture. Consequently, a standard-sized block provides enough material for more than 200 m2 of stone panels. In comparison, with massive stone, we would have only produced 20 to 30 m2. The raw material is used comprehensively, without waste.

2. Select the best materials : Natural stone being the primary ingredient in StoneLeaf panels, we also use resin for the extraction of the stone layers. Our resin is derived from renewable resources. We only use suppliers located less than 200 km away from our factory to limit transportation impacts and reduce our carbon footprint.

3. Build for durability : Thanks to the quality of the stone and the resin we use, StoneLeaf products are guaranteed for 10 years, so that you can make the most of your design project. We’ve created a virtuous and sustainable model for our clients.

4. Eco-responsible : We encourage our biggest clients to return unused StoneLeaf materials to our factory. We reuse the resin for sample products and we break down the stone into powder for finishes and quality control for our products.

5. Minimize transportation impact: We developed our storage network in multiple regions around the world in order to minimize transportation and reduce our carbon footprint. We also prioritize marine transportation rather than air transportation whenever possible.

These driving principles are also accompanied by our various certifications :

  • Our factory is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • StoneLeaf products are BREEAM INTERNATIONAL and AIR COMFORT GOLD certified
  • We follow LEED v4.1 protocols for moving and construction materials
  • Our products are CE certified
  • Euroclasses Fire : we meet European standards and can provide test results

We constantly seek to improve our products to better address our global issues, as well as to better meet our clients’ needs.

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