Mica Panels

StoneLeaf’s Mica Panels : interior and exterior design material

The finishing touches in any home decorating project are of the highest importance, whether for a renovation or a new construction. The final details of any project undoubtedly involve skilled decoration, along with a verifiable sense of taste and creativity. What choices to make to give your home a truly original and aesthetic allure ? If you’re asking yourself this question, then you’re in the right place. Give our mica panels a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Why choose this material ?

For many reasons this material makes for a premier choice for your home’s decoration. By nature, it is light and easy to shape, allowing for effortless manipulation. What’s more, its malleable quality allows for simple installation on multiple different backings or surfaces, making it accessible to anyone.
It’s also worth noting that this stone is solid and reasonably resistant to both physical and climatic damage. Fully waterproof, this material is resistant to any eventual water infiltration, which allows you to use this product in any humid area, without hesitation.
While textured, Mica panels are smooth and their combined elements make for a truly aesthetic appearance. They can be applied to many different surfaces and backings, which saves you time & money spent on the construction phase of your project. This material is easy to maintain and available in a large selection of dimensions and formats. Choose the best one for your project !

What are its possible applications ?

The main advantage of mica panels is that they are usable in diverse applications. Both indoors and outdoors.

Indoors, this material allows for multiple uses. For instance, you could use mica panels on your floors, regardless of the existing surface. Whether you have cement, metal, tiled, plastered, or wood floors, mica panels can be easily placed on your floors using an adapted adhesive.
The panels’ flexibility offers you the option to place them on staircases, furniture (whether small or large), or even architectural columns. Mica panels will enhance walls in your living room or kitchen, atop counters, or even on pieces of furniture.
Due to their durable and waterproof nature, mica panels are fully functional for use in humid areas, such as a bathroom. Indeed, stone panels are an ideal solution for projects in humid areas.

Mica panels are not just limited to interior use but are also exquisite in outdoor settings. They are a wonderful addition to any outdoor wall, of course, but can also be used to adorn a swimming pool or spa area. Their application also extends to roofing, patio spaces, and architectural columns.

Whether you’d like to add mica panels to your indoor or outdoor project (or both), you’ll have many choices between colors and textures for a truly unique décor.
Mica panels offer endless possibilities for use indoors or outdoors and are sure to be a huge hit for any home design project. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed !

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