Slate Panels

StoneLeaf’s natural slate panels : interior and exterior design material

Home decoration is nothing short of art. It’s also a question of taste. Unfortunately, the decision for which materials to use isn’t always helped by the seemingly endless options available. Amongst a myriad of choices for materials, slate panels guarantee quality, originality, and durability. They meet the listed criteria and offer many other advantages that are specific to stone panels.

Slate panels : why choose this material ?

First and foremost, it’s important to note that slate panels are a natural stone covering, adding an exceptionally earthy style to any project. Slate is light despite its solid nature and can be placed on two different support structures : fiberglass or transparent resin. Slate panels are easy to install and do not require specific tools. They are flexible and easily adapt to any surface.

Secondly, due to its thin nature, it is possible to carry out quick renovation projects. Additionally, slate panels are easy to maintain, and are available in various dimensions, colors, textures, and widths. With these many choices, you’re sure to find the slate panels best suited to your project.

Slate panels : multiple applications

The advantages of StoneLeaf’s slate panels might tempt you to conduct many different experiments. Before getting yourself into all that, though, it’s important that you have an idea of the different uses and applications possible with this material. So, where can I place this stone panel ?

Indoors :

Slate panels offer multiple possibilities to adorn your interior spaces. They can be used to cover walls in a living room or a fireplace, can be added as a striking touch of decoration to your family room. It’s also possible to apply slate panels to your kitchen walls, as for a splashback.. They will give any room an elegant style along with a bright and truly authentic ambiance. And who knows ? They could even inspire masterpieces in your kitchen !
Another interesting application for this material is in the bathroom.. Oh yes ! What could be more stunning than a slate-style décor for your bathroom ? Slate panels offer a water-repellent feature that won’t deteriorate your walls over time. The slate’s natural characteristics make it perfectly suited for a humid area.
If you remember one thing, remember that slate panels can be applied to walls, and floors regardless of the surface. Therefore, they can be used in any room in the house. What’s more, they can be used outside as well, for an altogether charming result.

Outdoors :

Slate panels are also a wonderful way to make any exterior project truly pop.. Installation on outdoor surfaces is a classic use of this material. And for good reason, too ! It’s worth noting that slate panels offer a concrete solution to different problems that arise from using conventional coatings.
For outdoor floors and sides of swimming pools, slate panels are an ideal addition.. Thanks to the material’s highly durable nature, you’ll never have to question its water-repellent abilities.
Still, other applications exist, notably for roof tiling, patio space, or even woodworking areas. Each results in a sublime appearance for your outdoor space. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. With slate panels, give your home a modern and elegant look.

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