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Unpolished marble panels

StoneLeaf’s unpolished marble panels : an interior design material

StoneLeaf is a pioneer in the world of 100% natural stone panels thanks to its line of mica and slate panels, perfect for adorning your walls or floors and creating an original look. Nevertheless, the singular aesthetic sensation of the unpolished marble panels is yours for the taking.

Our new line of stone panels : unpolished marble

Unpolished marble belongs to the family of minerals called silicates. This family is characterized by an atomic structure which allows thin layers of the rock to slide one atop the other. The marble, due to its silky texture, evokes images of jade, which explains the common confusion between the two. The marble panels are characterized by a touch of rigor and rigidity. Their color spectrum is extremely varied, including shades of white and grey and going all the way to blue, passing through yellow and black-brown colors along the way. The minerals that make up the marble are aggregations and concentrations that give a veined aspect to its appearance. These specific physical qualities make our line of marble panels truly. Discover our large choices of colors and styles in order to find the best shade of marble for your project. Let your imagination run wild !

Our line is composed of three main products : Rome, Doha, and Toronto. Each is made from mineral deposits and is neither recomposed nor agglomerated, as we offer only the highest quality stone to our clients.
Each panel is placed on a fiberglass backing then adhered by polyester resin. This technique allows for more durability, given their thinness of only 1.5 to 2 mm. The unpolished marble panel is also extremely light with a weight that falls between 1.5 to 2 kg/m².

Multiple possible applications !

Due to its composition and aesthetic, unpolished marble panels are the perfect addition to any interior project. You can use in to adorn any walls, countertops, bars, furniture, or even give a new look to your doors, cabinets, tables… or better yet, redo your floors in low-traffic areas. The possibilities are many and you won’t be short of ideas on ways to incorporate this unpolished marble into your design project !
Our new panels come in different dimensions in order to better fit your project’s specifications. Discover our large format (2400×1200 mm) which prevents you from having to create a surface with fragmented pieces, or our smaller format (1220×610 mm) for smaller surfaces.

Easy installation

Our unpolished marble panels are easy to install on any surface. You won’t need to remove existing surface coverings, saving you time and money on construction and demolition. Simply clean the surface on which you wish to place the panels, making sure it’s dry and smooth enough for a clean finish. Easily cut and shape your panel simply by using a carbon steel circular saw blade or a diamond disc cutter. Once cut to the proper dimensions, simply glue the panel to your surface using the appropriate adhesive in order to ensure a perfect adherence.
Due to its porous nature, the unpolished marble should be protected by using one of our water-repellent products, made specifically for this line. This maintenance tip will make for longer-lasting panels.
Discover all the necessary products for installation and maintenance here, as well as our installation protocols in the media rubric.

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