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Application of the natural StoneLeaf in a spa

The natural StoneLeaf model Paris was chosen for the decoration of this Spa at the castle in Augerville.
The spa is dedicated to well-being and relaxation. Natural stone veneer completes the pleasant atmosphere. The central element of the pool has been covered with the StoneLeaf Paris to enhance the natural and relaxing side.
This combination of stone and modern decoration makes it an exceptional place. The natural StoneLeaf is also used immersed in the pool.

The natural StoneLeaf Paris

StoneLeaf Paris is a sheet of mica. It shades are homogeneous. The micas are brightened by the natural glitters in the stone. These stones are also structured with special veining. This is what makes their charm. All our stones are 100% natural, we don’t alter their appearance or color.
The StoneLeaf Paris mica is a stone with golden reflections that brings elegance and modernity to the place where installed.

The natural StoneLeaf in swimming pool

As in this project, the natural StoneLeaf can be installed in a swimming pool. We recommend to follow our installation protocols and advise. We advise you to protect the stone with a suitable product to prevent the stone from being stained by liquid splashes. Like all natural stones, our stones are porous. The application of a water repellent is therefore recommended.

Discover our range of Mica, 17 models are available ! Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.
Find here all the information for the application of natural StoneLeaf in swimming pools.


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