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Translucent StoneLeaf in Arles Museum

Arles, a city in the south of France, introduce this year from July to January 2018 the exhibition on luxury in ancient time. To highlight this exhibition, the reference Moscou, Prague, Budapest and Stockholm are used in translucent. The translucent bring some modernity touch with the natural effect and the brillance of the light.
The stones have been used on furniture and lighting panels.

Our natural StoneLeaf Translucent

StoneLeaf Translucent are 100% natural stone made from slate.
Stockholm stone is a grey slate with yellow and red colors, Prague stone is a beige stone with yellow and red colors too. Both slates have various and several colors.
Moscou slate is a blue slate with white colors, like clouds, this slate fits perfectly with woods materials.
Budapest is a dark slate with ochre colors. All our stones are 100% natural stone, we don’t modify the colors, it can present different shades of colors.

Discover our whole rang of Translucent StoneLeaf

The advantage of the StoneLeaf Translucent is the light pass through the stone thanks to its transparent resin. The light pass through the stone to reveal all its intensity and its texture.
The natural Translucent Stoneleaf slate is easy to adapt and is made to be set on lighting backing as glass furniture, or PVC for example with a back light process.
Translucent StoneLeaf is easy to set like the StoneLeaf classic, like a thin laminate, with the same cutting tools: a circular saw.
Like all natural stones, the product is treated with a colorless protective agent.
We also provide sealant and protective product to facilitate your project.

Discover all our translucent stone here and don’t hesitate to contact our team for advice, it will be a pleasure to share with you all our expertise !


Interior Design, Slates, Transclucent

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Musée de Arles, 13200 Arles - France

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