A bar made with translucent stone leaf

About This Project

A bar project with StoneLeaf translucent in Belgium

The project was realized by Classic Design Rental for an event in Belgium.

For this project Classic Design Rental decided to use the natural StoneLeaf translucent Dubai.
This natural StoneLeaf exists in classical and translucent version. Thanks to the Translucent resin behind, the light come through the stone, it reveal the natural, spectacular colors and the wonderful forms of the stone can stand out.

The bar is in the center of the event, they made the good choice because the lighting counter will illuminate all the space, and captivate everyone at the event.

The Translucent natural StoneLeaf Dubai

Dubai is a slate with wonderful colors : green and red.
Instead of classical slate, Dubai have wonderful colors. All our slates are pretty smooth and matte.

Translucent StoneLeaf let you to do better creations, with lights. The translucent slate is beautiful either lights on or off.

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All of our stones are 100% natural.

How to install the translucent StoneLeaf ?

The translucent StoneLeaf is stickable only on a plexiglas 12 mm of Thickness.

A frame with bands of leds will let the light illuminate equally in different areas.
Close glue lines are applied on the stone leaf, and then the glue is smothly straightened just before sticking the stone leaf on the plexiglas.

After we recommend you to apply a water&oil repellent on the stone, to avoid that any liquid get the stone dirty or damaged.

This protection will form bubble of the liquid which can be projected by mistake, instead of being absorbed by the stone.

If you have any question, you can contact us, we will be glad to help you find the stone leaf you are looking for.

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