StoneLeaf and the Bow tie by Parlons français !

About This Project

The bow tie made with natural StoneLeaf

A project realized by Marie Rolland and Richard Mancel the co-founders of Parlons français from l’Ecole Boulle.
For the project the designers used the next natural StoneLeaf : a slate named Rio and New York which is a mica.

It’s design, innovative and cool, this project was labelled Fabriqué à Paris and received the price of the innovation.

The natural StoneLeaf for a bow tie !

The natural StoneLeaf choiced for this project are named Rio and New York.

Rio is a slate colored with a beautiful pink, the slate can have a variety of shades (shades of the pink colors), depenting the block of the Stone.

New York is a mica, it’s a natural StoneLeaf with wonderful anthracite shades, with diagonals veins, well structured, going all in the same way.

The natural StoneLeaf in the fashion world.

The natural StoneLeaf is also in the fashion world.

Our natural StonesLeaf are really light (1,5Kg/ m2), skinny (between 1,2 and 1,4mm of thickness), flexible and 100% natural.

All this asset of our natural StoneLeaf will let our clients release their creativity, in the world of architecture and in the fashion world.

For the fashion world we propose also the StonLeaf+.
The StoneLeaf+ is more flexible than the StoneLeaf, the StoneLeaf+ is perfect for furniture design, or for creation which needs a particular flexibility.
All the natural StoneLeaf that we have in StoneLeaf we have it all so in StoneLeaf+.

By curiosity, or for réalize your dream project, or for more insformations about our products you can contact us, we will do the best to help you choice.

You can also find our different stones and application areas for natural StoneLeaf here.


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