Bugatti booth in StoneLeaf at Salone del Mobile trade fair

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Bugatti booth in StoneLeaf at Salone del Mobile trade fair.

The famous car manufacturer trusted natural StoneLeaf products to showcase its reputation at the Salone del Mobile trade fair. A show that takes place every year in Milan. The classic StoneLeaf mica New-York model was used. Its elegant and modern color is in perfect harmony with the car on display.

The natural StoneLeaf mica New-York

New York is a homogeneous mica stone. Relatively dark, it lights up in contact with light, revealing its glittery composition. This model differs from the other micas by its diagonally marked veining. Very appreciated for its contemporary design, this stone will perfectly dress your future projects.

Remarkable ease of installation

The natural stone veneer is very easy to install. All you need is the right tools and the correct installation protocols. Natural StoneLeaf slate and mica can be applied to all types of surfaces, both in dry environments (wall, fireplaces, furniture) and in wet environments (showers, kitchens). First, the cuts are made with a circular saw equipped with a carbide blade. Then, apply the glue in tight beads on your support. Mark a perimeter the size of the cut sheet to ensure that the joints are waterproofed. Once finished, apply the sheet and press the entire surface with a clean cloth to crush the beads of glue and exhaust air bubbles. We provide you the right glue and products for your project.
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