Office building: Doors, elevator and windows deck covering

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Natural StoneLeaf for your doors

This office building in the heart of Paris have been refurbished by the end of the year. We have install 350 Square meters of StoneLeaf Stockholm to cover the doors, the windows decks and the elevators. We used the 2400mm x 1200mm size exclusively and many different blocs of Stockholm to create different universes.

Natural StoneLeaf slates
Stockholm natural StoneLeaf is a light-coloured slate with many shades.
In this project, we have various aspects of this stone but Stockholm always have light grey dominance with yellow, red and sometimes dark grey color.
Our StoneLeaf are 100% natural stones, we don’t modify the colors and the structure. All the stone can have some colors variation.
Here we have 3 different Stockholm blocks. This slates give a warm, contemporary atmosphere and highlights the elements: doors, elevator and windows decks.
Discover here all the possibility you have with StoneLeaf !

Natural StoneLeaf: thin, light and flexible
With natural StoneLeaf you will have all the advantages of the stones without its drawbacks.
Very thin (thickness: between 1,2 and 1,4mm), light (1,5Kg/ sqm) and flexible thanks to the resin. You can use natural StoneLeaf in all your projects !
On cours Albert Ier, StoneLeaf was the perfect coating for the doors windows decks and elevator covering.
Easy to set, you can stick natural StoneLeaf on all type of support, like all natural stones, the product is treated with a colorless protective agent.We also provide sealant and protective product to facilitate your project.
Feel free to ask us our set protocols and ask us advice for your projects !

We also provide Natural StoneLeaf in other application areas like bathroom, hotels, retail, find all our projects here it will enable you to project on your future projects.

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Cour Albert 1er, 75008 Paris - France

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