Caves du Louvre with Translucent StoneLeaf

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Luminous bar with the StoneLeaf Translucent in the Caves du Louvre – Paris

The backlit wine bar table was made with the Translucent StoneLeaf range. It illuminates and energizes the winemaking room of the Caves du Louvre. A project realized by Elodie Tornare Intérieurs. In the room center, the table attracts all the attention thanks to the natural stone veneer Prague model. The choice of StoneLeaf Translucent is perfectly suited for this dominant element in the room. The white light used, illuminates and brings new bluish shades to the stone.

Natural translucent stone veneer Prague

Prague is a slate with beautiful shades of pink and gold. In contrast to the usual slate, Prague is very colorful. This stone veneer exists in two versions : Classic and Translucent range. The Translucent range allow you to play with light and reveal new aesthetic aspects of stone. Slate is as beautiful off light as it is on light. You can find our other slates models here. All our stones are 100% natural, not reconstituted and not agglomerated.

How to lay a Translucent StoneLeaf ?

The translucent stone veneer is only glued to a Plexiglas or glass with a minimum thickness of 6 millimeters. We recommend an illuminated frame with LED strips. This will allow the light to spread homogeneously over the entire surface. Let us guide you through our steps to best realize your projects with the natural Translucent StoneLeaf (At the bottom of the page).
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional requests, we will be delighted to give you our advice.


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