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Counter of a refined chocolate factory in Amsterdam

This chocolate factory in Amsterdam has dressed its counter with the slate sheet reference Prague. A project led by the architect Robin Sluijzer. The lengthy layout of this chocolate factory offers a spacious client area. The counter underlines this space with natural slate stone veneer with remarkable color variations. It fits in perfectly with the rest of the decoration with its luxurious and refined touches.

The natural StoneLeaf Prague

Prague is a relatively smooth and matt slate. It brings an authentic and sophisticated look to the room through its shades of color. Our stone veneers are not reconstituted. They are themselves a testimony to the natural beauty of the stone and its incredible contrasts. Married to this decoration with touches of gold colors, the Prague stone veneer takes care of the precious spirit of this chocolate factory.

The stone veneer, a precious covering for your furniture

You can use naturel stone veneer to cover any type of furniture, whatever the material (wood, metal, concrete, plaster, ceramic, tiles, mosaic…) The stone veneer consists of a flexible covering whose surface is composed of a thin layer of natural stone – slate, mica or marble – laid on a fiberglass backing coated with a resin.

StoneLeaf furniture coating gives a “stone furniture” effect to your tables, cupboards and doors… And transforms your room by creating a contemporary, design and warm atmosphere. Resistant, aesthetic and easy to lay, stone veneer can give a second life to your furniture.

Choose your natural stone (slate, mica ou marbre) and your color from a wide range, and start creating stone furniture !


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