Countertop and facade covering for a restaurant

About This Project

Natural StoneLeaf: the perfect material for your indoor and outdoor furniture

In this restaurant in Meribel, StoneLeaf have been choose for several application: furniture covering, outdoor facade and pole covering.
This project was made by the architect Antoine Barbeyer, he choose to use StoneLeaf Phuket.
StoneLeaf Phuket is a Mica with green shades. Shiny, Phuket gives a luxurious and contemporary touch to this restaurant.
Wood and StoneLeaf mix perfectly.

The bar

This bar was created like a stone block, like sculpted in the rock. StoneLeaf Phuket covers the wood bar. Thanks to its lightness (1,5Kg/sqm) and its thickness (between 1,2 and 1,4mm) StoneLeaf can be use as a furniture covering without add thickness and offset.
Huge and design, the bar throne in the restaurant.
Discover all the possibility with StoneLeaf !

StoneLeaf for outdoor facade

To make a remind from the element covering with Phuket, the architect decided to cover the outdoor facade with StoneLeaf Phuket.
It’s possible to use natural StoneLeaf as a facade covering. We provide all the product to make your projects: sealant and protection products.
Thanks to its high quality resin, our natural StoneLeaf are waterproof.
For the stone, we provide you to apply a water&oil protection to protect it against the weather.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your projects, we will be glad to discuss with you about it !

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