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Decoration of Elisabeth Visoanska’s shop with the natural StoneLeaf

Elisabeth Visoanska’s new cosmetics store opened in the heart of Paris. The shop looks like a showcase and offers 100% natural cosmetics. Combining modernity and femininity, this shop has been entirely clad with the StoneLeaf reference Saint Tropez. Here, the stone is in harmony with the naturalness of Elisabeth Visoanska’s products. The atmosphere is pure and relaxed. The StoneLeaf magnifies the values exhibited by Elisabeth Visoanska.

The natural StoneLeaf reference Saint Tropez

The StoneLeaf reference Saint Tropez is a Mica stone in shades of mostly pink with grey nuances that vary according to the light. Thanks to its natural, brilliant and structured composition, the reference Saint Tropez is in perfect harmony with Elisabeth Visoanska’s shop.
We offer 16 micas with different shades.
You will find the perfect stone to match your projects.

The advantages of the stone veneer

The stone veneer : a material in harmony with interiors : 100% natural, the StoneLeaf is a noble and easy to use material. Its thickness (between 1.2 and 1.4 mm thick), its lightness (1.5 kg per m2) and its strength – thanks to the fiberglass – allow it to be used in any type of areas and substrates. The natural StoneLeaf can even be glued to an existing covering, as long as it is smooth and free of infiltration. 
Our variety of references permits to find the stone veneer that will harmonize your interior while giving it a touch of modernity. You too, choose the natural stone veneer, the mineral covering for all your projects and don’t hesitate to ask us for advice, we will be happy to help you.


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