Illuminated tea room with StoneLeaf Translucent

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A luminous and original dressing for a tea room !

For the interior decoration, Sobica, a tea room, chose the StoneLeaf Translucent, Prague model. This natural stone veneer is available in both classic and translucent versions. In translucent, the light passes through of the stone and diffuses new colors. It offers a completely different approach to stone because it brings out patterns and shapes that we don’t perceive when the stone is not illuminated. In a shop window, the luminous strips are an eye-catcher. Inside, the products on the shelves are highlighted in a soft and original way. The omnipresence in this lounge surrounds the consumer and gives it a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The natural StoneLeaf Translucent model Prague

Prague is a slate with a dominance of warm colors that contrast with black elements when it is illuminated. In addition, slate is recognizable by its smooth and mat appearance. This one sets oneself apart from its range by its coloring and dynamic. When unlit, the slate offers another range of colors that are just as interesting, clear and soft. All our slates are to be discovered here.

The stone veneer highlighted

The StoneLeaf Translucent range is set on a fiberglass support and transparent resin. This transparent resin allows the stone to be backlit. To do this, diffuse lighting must be guaranteed thanks to a 12 millimeters thick base support in plexiglass or glass. A frame with led strips will, for example, allow a homogeneous diffusion of light on the surface. Then, a polymer glue “crystal” must be applied by bead to fix the sheet to the base support. Finally, the cords should be smoothed with a spatula to ensure that they will not be visible through the sheet. The power of the light, its color and its diffusion offer many possibilities of rendering. 
So don’t hesitate and illuminate your interiors in an original and varied way!


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