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Luminous bar and panels with translucent stone veneer

In this Italian restaurant, the luminous bar and panels take up a large part of the space. Luminous and colorful, these elements bring a modern and intense light to the heart of this restaurant. The natural stone veneer model Moscou energizes the space and brings a warm and friendly atmosphere, ideal for a moment of sharing around a good meal. The kitchens are also dressed in the same reference but from the Classic range. The stone, as beautiful lit as it is off, fits perfectly with the decoration of the restaurant.

The StoneLeaf Moscow stone veneer

Present here, in the Classic and Translucent range, the Moscou reference shows its charm, illuminated or not. This slate, with its contrasting shades, brings an authenticity to the spaces it occupies. Translucent and once lit, as in this project, it diffuses warm and green-orange colors.

The laying of the Translucent StoneLeaf

The natural StoneLeaf can be worked very easily as a laminate. The cuttings are made on the stone side, using a circular saw with a carbide blade.

CASING : The stone veneer is only laid on a plexiglass or glass substrate with a minimum thickness of 6 millimeters.

LIGHT : A frame with led strips will allow the light to diffuse over the entire surface to backlight the stone.

STEP 1 – Apply the glue in tight beads on your transparent substrate.

STEP 2 – Smooth the cords with a flat spatula to make them invisible through once the sheet is lit.

STEP 3 – Apply water repellent to protect the stone.

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