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Slate for your interior design | StoneLeaf

This interior design project was led by architects Jean-Louis Deniot and Valeria Lazareva. The natural StoneLeaf model Ankara was used for this project. A contemporary and warm atmosphere is given to the different spaces. The natural StoneLeaf was applied to the walls, ceilings and doors.

The natural StoneLeaf model Ankara

Ankara is a model in beige tones, uniform, it blends perfectly with all types of materials. Soft and clear, it illuminates the spaces where it is located. It blends perfectly with minimalist and contemporary designs. Its beige tones soften the space and bring a touch of color and warmth. Its application on columns is specific : the choice of visible and hollow joints offers a unique design and makes these columns, design elements.

The natural slate for you walls

The natural StoneLeaf slate dresses up the rooms of your home and brings warmth and a contemporary touch. The stone veneer creates a relaxing effect. Each stone veneer is unique and offers you a palette of incomparable colors and textures : you will inevitably find the one that corresponds to your aesthetic expectations.
The stone sheets can be laid on any existing substrates. Above paintings, tiles or ceramic and even on plasterboard. If the surface has been prepared and cleaned, it is enough to proceed to the installation. The sheets can be easily cut to size for a custom application without difficulty. 
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