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100% natural stone sheets onto a kitchen splashback


Stone splashbacks : a solution for a modern kitchen

The importance of a kitchen in a home cannot be understated. It’s where we host our guests and our friends. Therefore, the design of a kitchen is essential for creating ambiance in this essential room. The majority of people are looking for stylish and modern kitchens. One way to achieve this is by sprucing up a splashback. A splashback is a vertical element place on the wall behind a stovetop, countertop, or sink. The goal is not only to dress up the wall, but also to protect it from the various messes that occur in a kitchen. Splashbacks can be made of various different materials including tiles, stainless steel, or even stone. If you’ve opted for the latter, then StoneLeaf can offer you an entire line of natural stone panels that will be perfectly incorporated into your kitchen’s design.

The advantages of this material for splashbacks

Why choose a stone splashback instead of another material ? There are many reasons. The most obvious is that it provides a modern look to your kitchen. This provides a stark contrast to porcelain or tiling which are out of style and outdated. Thanks to natural stone, you’ll create a warm and stylish atmosphere in your kitchen. Stainless steel is also a modern-looking material, although it can feel somewhat cold or industrial.
Stone is an idea material to use on your splashbacks thanks to its water resistance. Contrary to wood, Stoneleaf’s natural stone panels can be placed in water-prone areas without the risk of deteriorating.

Some design ideas for using stone splashbacks

By marrying a stone splashback with wooden kitchen furniture, you’ll create a resolutely modern and stylish look for your kitchen. It will become the key feature of your interior design. You’ll find yourself spending more time in your kitchen, happy to host your guests in such a warm environment.
Provide more depth to your kitchen by choosing contrasting colors or play with the various hues available for your stone.
Have fun and follow your creative whims to transform your kitchen into a wonderfully modern and stylish area.

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