StoneLeaf in La Maison France 5, zoom on the stone veneer
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StoneLeaf in La Maison France 5

La Maison France 5 : zoom on the natural stone veneer

Today, the innovation allows to have a many materials to embellish your interiors. Raw and natural effects are trendy. These atmospheres can be directly highlighted by stone. However, this material can present some drawbacks. To keep only the advantages of stone, you have to use the natural StoneLeaf.

Presentation of the natural stone veneer for your interiors

As la Maison France 5 says, the StoneLeaf stone veneer has the advantages of stone without its drawbacks. This cladding is made from natural stone for an optimal result. The stone layers are finely peeled off from the stone bloc so that only leaves remain. The result is a light and particularly flexible product. You keep all the solidity of the stone, without the inconvenience of weight, so you can use it easily in different places in your home.

Today, StoneLeaf stone veneer offers you three types of stone :



Unpolished marble.

Where to use StoneLeaf stone veneer indoors ?

You are seduced by the effect of the stone veneer, so it is interesting to know where you can lay it in your home. This innovative covering can be used in different places.

The Maison France 5 specifies that can be laid on the ground. It’s easy to clean and it gives a contemporary result to your project! This product can also be used as a wall covering. Indeed, the stone veneer highlights the whole kitchen by giving it character. Its thickness (1,5 to 1,8 millimeters) allows to use it as a kitchen backsplash or as a worktop. You can also install this material on a door to give it a unique design. Its flexibility allows to use it in curved areas. It is also 10 times lighter than standard stone. In addition to the kitchen, you can use natural StoneLeaf in wet areas such as your bathroom. The stone then gives a contemporary and elegant result to your place. You can put the stone veneer inside the shower. StoneLeaf specify that slate gives a more matt effect while mica is more shiny with sometimes glittery effects. These details have to be known according to your wish for your interior.

How do you lay the stone veneer ?

The stone veneer is simple to work. In this way, the specialists advice you to glue your sheet on the substrate concerned. In most cases, you will need to cut in order to adapt your product to the size of your substrate. The advisors strongly recommend the use of a circular saw to have a cleanly cut product. This is an ideal product for amateurs. If you want a perfect job, it is better to have a specialist accompany you.

Finally, the Maison France 5 specifies an important point. You can glue this stone veneer on different substrates without difficulty. Indeed, it acclimatizes perfectly on concrete, marble, tiles or wood. You can choose polymer glue to lay it without any problem. In the end, the report show on the Maison France 5 highlights the natural StoneLeaf to give you inspirations during the renovation of your home.