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Feuille de pierre naturelle ardoise mica émission la quotidienne France 5 Stoneleaf
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Between June and November 2016, our range of natural stones veneers was presented to the public in three television show : Téva Déco on Téva, Maison à vendre on M6 and La Quotidienne on France 5. 

Feedback on the proposed uses.

Téva Déco : the parents’ bathroom

In the June 12, 2016 show, the team proposes the use of a StoneLeaf product for the walls of a parental bathroom. The Stockholm reference was applied according to the protocol we recommend, for a sober and aesthetic rendering, in accordance with the natural decoration.

Maison à vendre in Troyes

On 20 June 2016, M6 included our products in its famous show : a recognition for StoneLeaf because the concept of Maison à vendre is to redecorate a house in order to make it easier to sell. Once again, the Stockholm reference was chosen.

La Quotidienne : wallpaper, wood, fabrics, what to choose to decorate our walls ?

As the theme of the programme on 24 November 2016 was wall cladding, it was only natural that France 5 presented the StoneLeaf range. The team’s objective was to review the various wall coverings, and to present materials that are less well-known than wallpaper… Among the innovations mentioned, natural stone veneer had their place.
The themed programmes on decoration and “do-it-yourself” is a great opportunity to introduce the public to StoneLeaf stone veneers. 100% natural, easy to install, our stone veneers are completely in line with the current decoration. Our participation in these three shows is proof of this. So you too, discover the natural StoneLeaf !