StoneLeaf Mica

Natural StoneLeaf mica: a decoration material for indoor and outdoor

The finition is important in the layout of a house, in a refurbishment or a new construction. A good finition is a beautiful decoration, a real question of taste and creativity. Which choice for a house to give a modern and attractive appearance? If you ask this question too, take a look on the Mica stone leaf.

Application Areas

bookshelf kitchen-furniture tap door floor brick-wall shower

Why this coating ?

many reasons made this materials the first choice for the decoration of your house. First, by its conception, the stone leaf is very thin and easy to cut, you will have an easy manipulation. Moreover, thanks to its flexible characteristics, StoneLeaf is very easy to set, on all type of support. Our StoneLeaf are very strong and resist to the mechanical stress and climate problems. Waterproof, StoneLeaf fits perfectly in humid areas and don’t risks water infiltration. In addition, even if the mica is a little bit rough, the mica is smooth and all this elements combined give an aspect really esthetic. StoneLeaf mica can be laid on all type of support, you will not have additional work and you will make significants saving. In addition, this material is very to clean and available in a wide range of size and colors.

which are the possible application ?

One of advantage of the Mica is that you can have a lot possibility for application and bring estheticism. You can use it for indoor and outdoor.

Indoor application

Thanks to its characteristic, you can have a lot of utilisation of this coating, especially for indoor. You can laid the mica StoneLeaf on the floor, on all type of support: concrete, steel, ceramic, can stick StoneLeaf mica with a special glue. You can put it on stairtreads, furniture covering or column. The StoneLeaf mica will be a perfect materials for your living room or in your kitchen on wall, countertop or furniture. StoneLeaf mica is also waterproof and resistant, so it will be compatible in a bathroom. This is the real solution for the most humid areas.

Outdoor application

StoneLeaf are not for indoor application, the material is adapt for outdoor. First of all StoneLeaf can be use as facade covering. You can also use it to decorate your swimming pool or spa. StoneLeaf offers many possibility: attics, terrace or column. Indoor ou outdoor, you will have the possibility to choose between many colors and structure, for a really original design. StoneLeaf Mica have a lot of advantages and permits to have many application for indoor as well as outdoor. It’s a very interesting option for all your decoration and it will highlight you house. Take part of the adventure !

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