Natural StoneLeaf slates

Natural StoneLeaf slates: a material for your indoor and outdoor decorations

It’s quite an art to decorate a house. It’s a question of taste and the choice of the good material is not really easy because of the many possibility. But if you need quality, originality and sustainability, opt for the StoneLeaf slates. It’s the perfect material to your needs and have several advantages.

Application areas

bookshelf kitchen-furniture tap door floor brick-wall shower

What is the interest to opt for this material ?

First of all, it’s really important to know that StoneLeaf slate is a natural stone coating, with a wonderful aspect. Lightnessless and strong, you can have 3 different finition: classical with a fiberglass, StoneLeaf+ with vinyl acetate and translucent resin. StoneLeaf slate is easy to set and you don’t need specific tools. StoneLeaf slate is very flexible and you can use it on curved surface. Moreover, thanks to its thickness, it’s possible to use it in express refurbishment without a lot of works. Natural StoneLeaf slates are easy to clean, and benefits to a variety of color, thick, structure. you will have a lot of choice to adapt it on your project.

Several possibility for application with StoneLeaf slates

Thanks to all the advantages, maybe you need to try it ! But before, it’s really important to know all the uses and application areas of this material. So where can you apply StoneLeaf ?
Natural StoneLeaf slates offers you many possibility to decorates your interior. You can use it for example as a wall covering in your living room, it will highlights with a decorative touch to this living area. It’s also possible to apply it on the kitchen walls to create a kitchen splashback. Natural StoneLeaf slates will give to your kitchen an elegant aspect with a luxury and authentic atmosphere. Maybe it can give you some inspiration for your food preparation !
An other interesting application of this material concerning the bathroom. “A slate design” what’s more beautiful ? In an other hand, Stoneleaf slates is perfectly waterproof and doesn’t breaking up with time. Thanks to its characteristic, natural StoneLeaf slates fits perfectly in humid areas.
Keep in mind that’s StoneLeaf slates can be laid on all types of areas: walls, floor, and on all type of support. You can apply it on all rooms even the most humid.
It’s possible to apply it for your indoor decoration too and obtain a very trendy result.
StoneLeaf slates is a perfect materials to highlight your outdoor decoration too. You can apply it on outdoor facade. This materials is a solution for outdoor problematics.
You can also apply it on the floor or as a swimming pool coating. Thanks to is resistance, you will not have any problem of water infiltration.
Finally, you can apply it in your attic space, terrasse, and furniture, with a beautiful aspect.
Take a part in the StoneLeaf adventures and you will enjoy to work with stone materials. With StoneLeaf slates, give a contemporary and elegant aspect to your interior.

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